Thursday, September 20, 2012

SB Malay clammed up by COA

Members of the Municipal Council of Malay went mum as State Auditor Judy Candari of the Commission on Audit/COA started speaking on the “Question Hour” during the council's session last Tuesday.

This is after the Auditors tone of speaking suggests that the council has inadequacy or has fallen short of ensuring the safety of Malay's “vault” or “depository.”

Particularly when Candari mentioned how the Legislative Body refused of having the salaries of LGU Malay employees be in the means of an Automated Teller Machine/ATM, and how they are hesitant to have a Land Bank branch here.

The COA claimed to have seen in the records that there are some amounts of money being released from the municipality that has been issued and handled not by an authorized personnel or a disbursement officer, and there are transactions of cash-advance which are obtained from the 'box' or 'cash-registry' when this is supposed to be prohibited.

The usual alibi was said to be because the disbursing officer is at Mainland Malay and the transactions occur at the Action Center in Boracay.

Candari suggested for additional disbursement officers for the island so that the fund will be handled and issued by an authorized person.

This Reaction by the COA officer followed after learning from the Manager of Land Bank of the Philippines Kalibo Branch that it was the SB who refused that the bank will have a branch in Malay.

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