Thursday, September 20, 2012

Negative Commetnts on Boracay Island - Welcome to the DOT of Boracay

The existence of many problems in Boracay was admitted by Boracay Department of Tourism Officer In Charge, Tim Ticar.

He added that because of the existence of problems, if there are negative comments by tourists about the island, such comments are welcomed with delight.

This was the reaction of Ticar to the letter containing negative comments on Boracay sent by tourist John Blanchard, an English national, to the Yes FM 911.

Contained in the letter was Blanchard’s comment that Boracay is the ugliest tourist destination he has been. Adding that he would distribute the scenario he had witnessed on the Internet. Blanchard also recommended that the head of Boracay be replaced by someone who has concern for the island.

Blanchard’s letter contained alleged observations of harassment by vendors and commissioners on relaxing tourists at the front beach, scattered garbage, and few garbage bins, and restaurants alleged to be lacking in cleanliness.

However, Ticar said that the comments seemed extreme since he said that the truth was the LGU of Malay is also acting on the said issues.

Nevertheless, Ticar clarified that Blanchard had points on what he said since the island really has problems.

Nonetheless, the DOT’s Office In Charge said such comments are welcome because these would be helpful in giving solution to the problems of Boracay. In relation to this, Ticar encouraged tourists to give comments for the making of action plan.

In conclusion, Ticar said he would also bring up the comments of Blanchard to the concerned authority.

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