Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Church, tribes and LGU-Malay, still hand-in-hand for Boracay Ati-atihan

The Malay Tourism Office has not hooked the tribes and organizers of the Boracay Ati-atihan with their offer and appeal.

That is to change the schedule of the Ati-atihan on the island and other assistance for the improvement of the celebration.

However, this did not stop the communication between the church, organizers and the Local Government to remain open and coordinate for the preparation of this annual devotional activity in Boracay.

In an interview with Holy Rosary Parish Church, Parish Pastoral Council President, Dionesio “Jony” Salme, he said that the LGU expressed eagerness to help in ensuring the security of the celebration, aside from the financial support they will be giving.

This is regardless of the tribes’ and organizers’ stand to keep the occasion simple and devotional.

The same reason why they declined the MTO’s proposal, with the help of the LGU, to make this year’s celebration more “lively” and held it for few more days so that it’ll be like a festival.

On the other hand, MTO Chief Operation Officer Felix Delos Santos said that they will continue to support and respect the decision of the tribes and devotees in preserving the old Ati-atihan tradition in the island.

They are just waiting for the organizers and tribes to extend to them what they can do for support.

The Boracay Ati-atihan is also one of the events that attract tourists, the reason why the LGU wanted to extend the celebration and appealed to the church to make the occasion more colorful.

The celebration is being held every second Sunday of January every year, this 2013 this will fall on the 13th next week.

Friday, January 4, 2013


While the target for 2012 for Boracay was 1Million tourist arrivals, this was exceeded.

Records showed that 1,206, 052 tourists were registered until December 31 this year, while in the previous year there were 908, 874 tourist arrivals.

The figures showed that there was about 33 percent increase of tourist arrivals in the resort island in 2012 compared to the previous year.

It was learned from Malay Municipal Tourism Chief Operation Officer, Felix Delos Santos that Koreans topped the list of arrivals at 156, 445.  This was followed by Taiwanese at 92, 009, and Chinese at 82, 358.

The 4th in the number of tourist arrivals were Americans at 18, 283, followed by Russians, Australians, British, the People of Hongkong, Germans and Japanese and other nationalities.

DTI launched Prize Freeze in 8 towns of Aklan yesterday

The Department of Trade and Industry or DTI-Aklan launched its Price Control or Prize Freeze for the basic commodities in Kalibo effective yesterday, January 3, 2013.

This is after The Provincial Council declared Kalibo along with 7 other town to be under the Sate of Calamity in the wake of the flooding due to Typhoon Quinta last December 26.

According to DTI-Aklan Director Diosdado Cadena, they have already started monitoring the prices of the basic commodities in the mentioned town.

Cadena explained, while basing it with the prices last December 17, 2012, the 7 products that they are now monitoring are sardines, milk, coffee, detergent soaps, candles, bread and salt.

Meanwhile, the price control over fish, corn and other agriculture products are under the Department of Agriculture, while the DENR will control over the prices of coal and “nipa palms” used for thatching roofs.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


There was Zero Fire Cracker incident in Boracay in celebrating the arrival of 2013.

Regarding this, the Boracay Police was thankful.

This was stated by P/S Inspector Fidel Gentallan, the Deputy Chief of the Boracay Tourist Assistance Center (BTAC).

In the previous year’s New Year celebration, one victim of firecracker was registered.

This year, the Deputy Chief delightedly declared that the celebration of Christmas and New Year was peaceful with the help of authorities in ensuring the safety of everyone.

According to Gentallan, aside from the “Zero Fire Cracker Incident” this year, there was no crime or incident related to the Christmas and New Year Celebrations that was registered.

This was despite the very high number of tourist arrivals for this year’s celebrations compared to the previous years.

Lady Boys in Boracay, a dilemma

The Boracay Police admitted the fact that the “lady boys” have become such a dilemma in the island of Boracay.

In an interview with Boracay Tourist Assistance Center or BTAC Deputy Chief P/S Insp. Fidel Gentallan, he said that they have heard many speculations about these lady boys’ activities that could entice foreign tourists especially during the wee hours of the morning.

The Police had actually identified some of them who are involved in such activities.

He added, that if spotted they would take the chance to talk and make them leave their “posts.”

The authorities also find it hard to catch these lady boys on act.

It seems he said that they too are monitoring the police, but they could also apprehend one of them sometimes.

However, in some cases where in the stolen objects were returned, the filing of case will be held back the reason why others would do it repeatedly.

In 2012 it had became a “trend”  wherein these lady boys would stop foreign tourist, particularly those intoxicated, at the front beach to offer them their services and would rob them after.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Screams and yells joined the sound of fireworks which started the celebration for the beginning of the New Year in Boracay Island.

The famous Front Beach of Boracay was filled with locals and foreigners awaiting the display of fireworks from resorts on Monday night, the 31st of December.

Although some feared that the fireworks display would not take place due to heavy rain, a few hours before 12 midnight, one hour before lighting time, the weather became better.

Half minute before twelve midnight, fireworks started to light the sky over Boracay island, and lasted until around one in the morning which revelers referred to as extension time.

Music was also played from establishments along the shore as tourists and locals celebrated the arrival of 2013.

The fireworks display in Boracay is awaited yearly by some revelers who were interviewed. This, they said, is better than lighting firecrackers themselves at their homes which is prone to accidents.

Monday, December 31, 2012


The Boracay Tourist Assistance Center (BTAC) is ready with regard to the New Year celebration in Boracay Island.
This was according to the Boracay PNP Chief Police Inspector, Fidel Gentallan.
Stationed BTAC’s personnel are allegedly ready to give assistance to tourists and residents of the island particularly to those who will be watching the fireworks during the midnight, Monday, December 31.
Gentallan also gave reminders to everyone to be always on alert of opportunists.
Included in his reminders was that it would be better if someone would stay at home or the place where they stay, and make sure doors and windows are locked. He added that the public should be careful when they are shopping or visiting places and persuaded everyone to welcome the New Year in a safe manner.
On the other hand, Boracay Hospital is also ready for the possible victims of the New Year Celebration tonight according to the Officer 3 Dr. Jeneth Japitan.
Supplies for dressing, tetanus toxoids and for first aid are available at the hospital.  Japitan however made clear that only first aid is available and for more serious cases, the patient will have to be transferred to a bigger hospital.
The hospital will allegedly keep watch together with the Philippine Red Cross tonight.
Japitan also cautioned that children are prohibited from possessing firecrackers, and that it is prohibited for drunken adults to light firecrackers since it is dangerous.

Boracay Island swamped with tourists

Resorts, bars and souvenir shops

These are just a few of the establishments in the Island of Boracay that has been full packed with tourists last night.

The island was so crowded such that the saying “no needle would drop” applies as tourists goes around discovering what it could offer.

“Labs” a manager in a certain restaurant here, exhaustively told this news center how they would almost give up or refuse some of the tourists as they’ve already got numerous customers.

In the beach front of station 2, the news team had also observed how the tourists of different colors and races including the locals would bump into each other as they would walk shoulder to shoulder into the crowd.  

Others would patiently wait in long lines in some popular food places, while others danced their way along with colorful and even glamorous parties.

Meanwhile in Balabag, “Gemma” a fruit store saleslady has told that they haven’t closed their shop since last night.

She is convinced that there will be more tourists today.

The Malay Tourism Office has previously said that the number of tourist arrivals this December will boost even more because of the Christmas and New Year celebrations.