Saturday, June 15, 2013

DOT to Market More On Different Countries

Tourism in Region 6 was affected due to Taiwan-Philippine conflict.

During the press conference held yesterday, June 14, 2013 at Boracay Regency Convention Hall, Regional Director of DOT Region 6, Atty. Helen J. Catalbas reported that lot of resorts here in Boracay particularly Taiwanese Dependents were affected due to cancellation of bookings especially group tourist Taiwanese.

Catalbas showed the data wherein Taiwanese tourists ranked second in the overall tourist arrivals.

Based on the data, there were a total of 93,500 Taiwanese went to Aklan last 2012.

However, this declines due to the ongoing conflict between Taiwan and Philippines.

This is in regards to the shooting incidents that happened on Balintang Channel, wherein one of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) shot the Taiwanese fisherman. And also on the added dispute of west Philippine Sea.

The Taiwanese government came out with a policy that any Taiwanese travel agencies that will promote and accept tour packages are to be penalized and fined.

With this, Department of Tourism will focus to market the tourism on different countries.

Contributed By: Kate Danice Panaligan

Friday, June 14, 2013


The Boracay-Malay Chapter PRC Lifeguard has sent a draft report containing its responses and accomplishments on its life guarding duty along the front beach of Boracay.
Upon request by Easy Rock Boracay, a copy of the report was made available of the report which covers the first day of February until the month of May 2013.
PRC Lifeguard started its lifeguarding duty in auxiliary capacity by introducing a method of Beach Management on Nov 16, 2012.
When Local Government Unit Life Guard Supervisor Mr. Mike Labatiao was asked in the month of May of the current year whether the incidents of drowning had decreased since there were already two sets of lifeguards: the LGU Lifeguard of Boracay and the Red Cross Lifeguard to augment the services of the LGU Lifeguard, he said there was much lesser incidents of drowning.
Labatiao added that the overlapping of duty hours from the two Lifeguards had also helped in decreasing the number of drowning incidents.
Some of the cases which transpired from station 1, 2 and 3 and the services rendered by the PRC Lifeguard ranged from rescuing tourists from drowning, giving warning to swimmer swimming far from the shore.

The other services given were responding and treating wounds of the injured from accidentally stepping on debris of cement, or splinter of broken glass on the beach, and advising someone not to throw empty bottles to the beach to prevent accident, giving first aid to heat stroke victims among others

Three Groups composed of 5 members each, divided into 3 Teams: Dolphins, Shark and Whales with a total of 15 members assigned at the 3 stations of the front beach compose the PRC Lifeguard.

This is to augment the services provided by the LGU Lifeguard of Boracay which has 17 personnel assigned along the White Beach.

The Red Cross Lifeguard go on duty at 7am to 10 am, and then at 4pm to 7pm daily, while the LGU Lifeguards go on duty from 8am to 5pm also at a daily basis.

Written and Contributed by: Rodel J. Abalus

Water-Borne Diseases Are Not Likely To Experience

Diarrhea, Cholera, Typhoid Fever, Amoebiasis, these are the usual cases of water borne-diseases that occurs during rainy season.

These diseases are caused by drinking contaminated water.

However, Sanitation Inspector III, Babylin Fronduza said in an interview that Public particularly in Boracay Island should not be worried.

This is because they are monthly monitoring household tap water.

Besides, Boracay people’s main sources of water are Boracay Tubig and Boracay Island Water Company, which she said are also doing their routine check-ups.

She added that they are not bothered even if it’s rainy season since most of the people here in the island are not using deep well.

Yet, they stay vigilant especially on the mainland as most of the household’s uses deep/ shallow well.

Contributed by: Kate Danice Panaligan

Thursday, June 13, 2013


A special meeting for the Task Force Bantay Boracay was called for by Aklan Governor Carlito Marquez.

This was confirmed by the Task Force Bantay Boracay member Liberty Wacan from their provincial office.

The agenda of the meeting are the update report of the Philippine Coastguard related to the Maritime Industry or MARINA Authority Laws and Rules, the implementation of the “One Entry-One Exit Policy,” and the illegal boarding of passengers at station 1 and 3 by boats going to Romblon.

Also included in the meeting agenda is the update report of the Boracay Island Water Company (BIWC) and the sensitive issue regarding the demolition of illegal structures at the 25+5meter buffer zone of Boracay.

The special meeting was scheduled for Thursday, June 13 at the Provincial Governor’s Office, Kalibo, Aklan at two (2) in the afternoon.

The members of the Task Force are the Provincial Tourism Council, MARINA Regional Office, CENRO DENR, Philippine National Police, Philippine Coastguard, LGU Malay and others.

Boracay Water recognized in first ever Boracay Day

Photo shows Boracay Water General Manager and COO Ben MaƱosca and Operations Officer Mike Nool, (eighth and ninth from left) holding the plaques of appreciation together with the Boracay Water team.

Water and wastewater operator Boracay Water, was recently recognized by the Municipality of Malay during Boracay’s Inaugural Day, for the company’s valuable contribution in promoting the Island’s sustainability, most especially for being the water and wastewater champion in Malay’s Boracay Beach Management Program (BBMP). The water company is one of the four private companies that were recognized during the celebration. The other companies were San Miguel Corporation, Boracay Foundation Inc., and Petron Foundation Inc.

The BBMP was launched by the Local Government Unit of Malay in 2010 to bring together Environment Champions who will work together on planning and implementing projects to preserve the beauty of Boracay Island. Boracay Water was also one of the staunch supporters in the series of events leading to the first ever Boracay Day, as a hydration sponsor of the Boracay Flores De Mayo and an active supporter of the Pot Session Program, a seedling-production activity in support of the rehabilitation of the Nabaoy Watershed.

Boracay Water, one of the three subsidiaries of East Zone water concessionaire Manila Water, was formed in 2009 through a joint venture agreement with the Tourism Infrastructure Authority and Enterprise Zone Authority or TIEZA (formerly known as Philippine Tourism Authority) to operate the water and wastewater services in the Island of Boracay, Malay, Aklan, particularly in its three barangays -- Manoc-Manoc, Balabag, and Yapak.

Seedling Activity and Family Day of LGU, successfully celebrated

The Seedling Activity and Family Day by the Local Government of Malay were successfully conducted together with the celebration of Independence Day.

One of those who attended the program was Department of Tourism OIC Tim Ticar who said that their orderly seedling production activity at Baranggay Nabaoy yesterday, started off at 8a.m. until 3p.m.

The program aims to preserve and protect the natural environment of Malay, and is in line with the celebration of the 64th anniversary of the municipality on Friday.

The said activity was lead by Malay Mayor John Yap himself, together with other officials and department heads.

Meanwhile the 64th Foundation Day of Malay, to be held on Friday, June 15, is expected to be colorful because of the different programs that will be conducted.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The sewer line part of the Waste Water Network Expansion of the BIWC at Bolabog Village will be finished by the month of July of the current year.

This was the answer of Boracay Island Water Company (BIWC), Customer Service Officer, Acs Aldaba related to the inconvenience brought by the project to residents, and students of Boracay National High School specially that it is the rainy season.

Aldaba had admitted that the project causes unpleasant situation at the area, nevertheless, the presence of a sewer line could ease the flooding and the accumulation of water inside the school which has been a long time problem.

The connection of households to the sewer line and the monitoring of illegal connections are some of the steps which are seen to support BIWC’s project meant to help protect the environment.

In addition, BIWC allegedly sees no danger with the construction of the project since the contractor is making sure that “Open-Excavations” will not be left open.

Meanwhile, BIWC is conveying regret and asking for understanding from the public for the inconvenience at the road of Bolabog, and that efforts will be made to finish the project within the month of July.

The project of BIWC is a part of their expansion for the sewer or wastewater network which is also in consideration of the increasing number of tourist arrivals in Boracay Island.

A zoo in Boracay, an idea that is welcome to the DOT

Having a zoo would be a “welcome development” for Boracay.

According to Department of Tourism (DOT) Officer-in-charge Tim Ticar, it is a good idea to a have zoo on the island as this will be an additional attraction to the tourists.

It is also favorable for vacationers who are seeking more activities.

However, there are certain rules and standards that must be followed.

The security and state of the animals, particularly those that are included in the endangered species list, must be ensured.

There is also the accreditation and safety of the handlers, as well as the security of the tourists and or the public.

The subject came about after a discussion of an alleged zoo operating in Boracay spread in the social networking sites.

It mentioned that this certain zoo has a lion, a tiger and a type of a snake.

Tourists can even take pictures of the mentioned animals.

This time however, a registration or application for requirements in operating a zoo in Boracay cannot be confirmed with the DENR-CENRO office.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


  • Anabelle Quinco - Sambiray, Malay
  • Alex Villaranda - Manoc-Manoc Village
  • Jinky Bina - Caticlan, Malay

91.1 YES FM
  • Evelyn Abello - Manoc-Manoc Village
  • Nora Fegueroa - Balabag Village
  • Adgelodyn Pablo - Manoc-Manco Village


Department of Tourism Regional Director for Region VI, Atty. Helen Catalbas is scheduled to arrive in Boracay Island on Tuesday, June 11.

Catalbas is visiting for a scheduled Luncheon Press Conference on Friday, June 14 to be held at a resort in the island.

According to DOT Officer –In-Charge, Tim Ticar, Catalbas will be answering at the Press Conference different questions related to issues about Boracay.

While Ticar admitted that he did not have ideas on what particular concern Catalbas has for visiting Boracay, he believes that the visit of the DoT Regional Director has to do with the environment related issues in the island.

It was learned from Ticar that Atty Catalbas is the spokesperson for the Regional Technical Working Group that was formed by President Benigno Aquino III for Baguio City and Boracay Island.

Meanwhile, according to research, the President deputized the Technical Working Group for a comprehensive plan to safeguard what were classified assets of the country-Baguio and Boracay.

The DoT, Department of Natural Resources (DENR), Department of Interior and Local Government, and the Local Government Unit comprise the Technical Working Group.

Chinese Nationals, panicked after an island hopping incident

Eight Chinese Nationals reported an island hopping incident to the Boracay PNP yesterday.
This is after the boat they were in met an untoward trouble causing it to loose balance.
The water also managed to get into the boat and left them and their belongings, including gadgets,drenched in seawater.
The incident occured as they were coming back from the island hopping trip.

Ther were no reports of any individual getting hurt.

Boracay PNP received another patrol car from APPO

The Boracay Tourist Center or BTAC has received another patrol car from the Aklan Police Provincial office or APPO yesterday.

According to Police Community Relations Officer PO3 Christopher Mendoza, the said unit was given by the APPO to further enforce the Boracay Police and for a promptly response to any untoward incidents.

The turning over of the said patrol car was conducted at the Balabag Baranggay Plaza yesterday, June 10, 2013, and was attended by the members of the Boracay PNP.

In line with this, a group of private sectors has provided the Boracay Action Group with a Fire Truck to improve its services.

Meanwhile, Rev. Fr. Arnold Crisostomo of the Holy Rosary Parish Church has blessed the mentioned units.

Monday, June 10, 2013


Some teachers who served during the May 13 Elections as Board of Election Inspectors (BEIs) were still dismayed with the province of Aklan.
This was because almost after one month after the elections, they had not received their honoraria.
According to Kalibo Acting Comelec Chairman, Getulio M. Esto, the honoraria of teachers were already on the payroll at the Commission on Elections (Comelec) and could already be given to teachers.
The teachers who served could take their honoraria from the municipality where they served as BEIs.
According to Comelec Aklan, the giving of the honoraria took time since the Comelec of Aklan had many concerns to look after and because of the many problems the Comelec had been facing.

Meanwhile, among the many places in the country, the province of Aklan was the only province which had not yet been given the mentioned hororaria as of press time.

WCPD Boracay, hands-off in commenting regarding amendments on Juvenile Justice Law

The Women and Children Protection Desk Boracay is at the moment hands-off in commenting about the proposed amendments on Juvenile Justice Law.

In an interview with WCPD Chief SPO1 Lyn Ibanes of the Boracay Tourist Assistance Center (BTAC), she said she could not be able to comment or react on the proposed amendment until it has been approved.

Ibanes added that she has no idea yet on what changes are proposed to be imposed on Republic Act 9344 or also known as the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006.

In the island of Boracay, there are reports of minors being involved in law violating activities.

However, the Boracay PNP, particularly the WCPD, admits that they are having difficulty dealing with minors who repeatedly involve their selves with theft, begging, and vagrancy.

Since they could not file a case against these children, they entrust them to the Department of Social Welfare and Development or DSWD.

The Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006 states that only those ages 18 and above can be sued with a criminal offense.

If the amendment will be approved, the age bracket will possibly go down from 18 to 15 years old.