Saturday, November 17, 2012

Boracay community appealed for coordination in resolving the drainage issue

By: Ver Esclamado | November 17, 2012 | Easy Rock Boracay

Members of Boracay community have called on everyone to join force in resolving the island’s perpetual drainage problem.

The message of support and coordination was conferred during the public consultation conducted by the Tourism Infrastructure & Enterprise Zone Authority – Regulatory Office (TIEZA-RO) in partnership with Boracay Island Water Company, Inc. (BIWCI) which was held in Barangay Manoc-Manoc on November 15.

Throughout the forum, it became apparent that the main concern of the island community is the flooding. Community members, notably the hotel operators, have raised serious concerns on the matter as it is affecting the quality of tourist experience.

As with presenting a problem, forum participants dished out ideas on how they think the problem can be solved. Residents, business owners and local government officials poured in their ideas and tips on how to finally stop the undesirable attraction commonly seen along the main road of the island.

They all encouraged everyone to make sure businesses and residences connect to the main sewer pipe to avoid heavy flooding and to avoid dirty water from draining on to the beaches of Boracay Island.

Like a show-stopper, Sangguniang Bayan Member Jupiter Gallenero gave everyone a heads up regarding a municipal ordinance being drafted which would require businesses to connect to the main sewer line or they may face non-renewal of business permit. Gallenero’s statement was warmly received by the forum.

Earlier in the forum, BIWCI and TIEZA-RO officials presented the master plan laid out for Boracay Island’s water, sewer and drainage systems. Both also presented the development carried out by BIWCI since it acquired the concession in 2009.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Contributed by: Rodel J. Abalus

A Public Consultation for the proposed environmental development for Boracay Island was held at the Covered Court of Manoc Village Boracay on Thursday, November 15.

The consultation was conducted by the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority-Regulatory Office (TIEZA-RO) in collaboration with Boracay Island Water Company Incorporated (BIWCI).

The consultation according to the Temporary Officer In Charge of TIEZA, Atty. Marites Alvarez was held to inform the public about the TIEZA-RO, its mandate and manpower, also to know Boracay residents’ issues and concerns in relation to services, what has been accomplished by the BIWCI from 2009 until October 2012 and its future plans.

Presented during the consultation was that BIWCI is the concessionaire, and TIEZA-RO has the regulatory mandate.

Head Consultant for Tieza, PhD. Angel Lazaro III said that the partners were the government and the BIWCI. In the first part of his presentation he discussed the Rebase, in the context of the business rendered by the Concessionaire/BIWCI.

PhD Lazaro’s presentation was followed by BIWC’s Customer Service Officer, Acs Aldaba who presented the services rendered by BIWCI and its achievements under the company’s Visions.

Aldaba’s presentation was followed by the Chief Operating Officer of BIWCI, Ben Mañosca who presented major items of the BIWCI Master Plan.

PhD. Lazaro later gave the evaluation result on the work done by BIWCI indicating it that had complied with the Water Supply Commitment and Sewerage Service Commitment to date.

BIWCI’s future plans and proposed budget for its services were also presented.

In closing, an Open Forum wherein queries, complaints, from stakeholders addressed to TIEZA-RO and BIWCI about services, were discussed, to which assurances were made that the matters discussed would be considered and noted for proper resolutions and plans.

Boracay Ati-Atihan schedule is left for Church to decide

The local government of Malay already has several plans set for the yearly Ati-Atihan in Boracay.

Felix Delo Santos Jr., Chief Operation Officer of the Municipal Tourism Office, however clarified that the decision in regards to their proposal to move the date of the celebration still lies in the hands of the Church. He noted that the annual religious celebration is a church activity.

Despite this, Delo Santos revealed that several plans were already drawn up after the office of the Chief Executive has tasked the MTO to conduct a dialogue with the Church in regards to the moving of schedule.
Delo Santos said that with the LGU support, they plan to make the celebration longer but less extravagant and with various activities to give the annual activity a fiesta vibe.

All this is left to the hands of the Church as they have the authority.

In an earlier statement, Rev. Fr. Arnold “Nonoy” Crisostomo, said that such matter should be left to the people of Boracay to decide.

The Chief Executive wanted the Ati-Atihan celebration in Boracay be moved to the last “weekend” of January to make room for invitation of participants from Kalibo. The move will also allow enough time for preparation to hold the festivities which is likely seen to draw more tourists. Ver Esclamado

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Whether Caroling is allowed in Boracay, rests on the hands of village Officials.

This was revealed by Magdalena Prado, the Municipal Social Welfare Development Officer of Malay (MSWDO).

According to Prado, those who would be caroling should have a permit from the Village since at the national level there is an implemented “Solicitation Permit Law.”

Prado added that, the issuance of permit to the groups or organizations who wish to go caroling would depend on the Village.

The MSWD Officer said that during application for permit, the purpose and for which the proceeds would be, should be stated. This is because allegedly, permit is only issued if the proceeds are only for the disadvantaged or charitable institutions.

However, Prado made clear that caroling is prohibited for children to go caroling to avoid accidents since it is dangerous for kids to go out at night.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The LGU of Malay is careful in taking actions related to the increasing number of natives going to Boracay.

Atis, Mangyans, and Badjaos who are not Malaynons who go to the island cannot just be driven away since they allegedly have the right to go to the island.

This was revealed by Magdalena Prado, the Municipal Social Welfare Development Officer of Malay in an interview on Monday, November 12.

Prado explained that it is not easy to drive the natives since it is possible that the authority implementing the law could violate the native’s human rights.

Nevertheless, if the natives violated a law or ordinance, for example by theft, they could be caught and appropriate penalty could be imposed and they could be deported from the island.

She added that if the natives are seen to be a hindrance on paths and are begging, which could be an eye sore to tourists, the natives could be corrected.

Prado added, however, that in the past the LGU of Malay had no idea to which province the natives could be repatriated since the natives seem not to tell where they come from.

She said that some were from Antique, Iloilo and other provinces.

Meanwhile, Prado clarified that the natives who beg at the front beach are not Malaynons. Adding that the natives from Boracay do not wander, instead they allegedly work to earn a living.

Long line for Boracay Hospital check-ups, explained

The management of Don Ciriaco Tirol Hospital or Boracay Hospital is aware of the patients inconvenience brought about by waiting in long lines.

Dr. Mishelle Depacaquibo, Boracay Hospital Chief Operation Manager, explained that as much as they wanted things to be fast and spontaneous for everybody to be attended as early, the large number of patients makes this unachievable.

For this reason, she advised the public to go to the hospital as early in order to avoid spending their whole afternoon waiting.

Depacaquibo also asked for the public's understanding, and appealed to those who are in for check-ups to be patient enough in waiting for their turn.

This is because, she added, there is only one Doctor and one Medical Technologist who are on duty every day.

Meanwhile the Dr. also extended her encouragement to pregnant women to avail the free Prenatal Check-up in the hospital every Thursday and Friday afternoon.

Public concern, significant for the successful implementation of Curfew Hour for minors

Recently, through this news center, the LGU Malay has had the public aware of a problem relating to the implementation of a Curfew Hour for minors and how it is repeatedly violated.

Minors in Boracay are not supposed to be wandering about by 10:00 p.m., let alone selling toys.

As Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño stated in the previous interview they are having problems in confronting these minors as they consider the risks or the danger that the children will be put through if they, for instance, will be chased by the Municipal Auxiliary Police (MAP).

Children cannot be simply apprehended and put to jail if they violated laws and ordinances. Much should be considered and the presence of a guardian and or a parent is a must, but the problem is, some parents are aware and are actively tolerating their children to be involved in this kind of activity.

The island Administrator's suggestion to the Municipal Social Welfare to file a case against parents whose children will be caught repeatedly perhaps is the red flag to call their attention and attend to their children accordingly.

This scenario puts much weight on the parents, and though to some, who are actually taking action, dealing with the same matter with their troubled teenagers, this may sound unfair, but constitutionally and considering the gravity of this certain issue; parents will still be held responsible.

This matter however goes back to the main concern, the minors. Being out at night without guidance puts them to the open influence of vices and accidents. 

Given that this is Boracay, and the possible attachment of the term “liberated” is not surprising, these children will be prone to activities not suitable to them.

The action is not just for the Government to take, it is for the parents, teachers, neighbors, the minors themselves and any responsible adults, may you be that person who operates businesses at night.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Boracay has been chosen to be the venue for the World Championships of Wind Surfing to be held on December 10 to 15 of 2012.

This will be the first time for the Philippines to host the event, and it will be held at the Front Beach, Station 2, Boracay Island.

In a presentation by Neneth Graf, President of Boracay Island Paddlers Association (BIPA) at the Town Council of Malay on Tuesday, November 6, Graf requested for support in the form of endorsement of the Wind Surfing World Championships to ensure the safety of all, be it the event’s competitors or visitors in the island who will be swimming at the front beach.

It was also learned that two (2) Boracaynons will be competing in this big event with competitors from around the world who will be heading to the island.

Boracay’s Bolabog beach is also well known for windsurfing and kite boarding.

Flocks of tourists are expected to head to Boracay in December with the Christmas Season, the New Year and the Ati-Atihan Celebrations falling on and near December.

A bigger Boracay Hospital for 2013

A plan has been laid that in the coming 2013, the Don Ciriaco Tirol Memorial Hospital or Boracay Hospital will be reconstructed for extension.

According to Dr. Mishelle Depacaquibo, Boracay Hospital Chief Operation Manager, they are now on the stage of preparing the master plan.

They are now prioritizing the implementation of the construction worth 40 million pesos to be funded by the Department of Health, and is only for the first phase of the project.

However as soon as the first phase will be completed, another 40 million pesos will be added for the Hospital’s other needs.

For this reason, the institution is expected to level up from Primary to Secondary, especially if the facilities and services will improve.

This goal however, is projected to be achieved in 2015.

Meanwhile, Depacaquibo clarified that at this time Boracay Hospital is still a Municipal Hospital.

But the expenses of their daily operation and staff or personnel salaries come from the province.

The Dr. also acknowledged the problem that they will be encountering once the project starts, such as where should they put the patients and the hospital’s facilities. 

Monday, November 12, 2012


The opening of the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) is highly anticipated in Boracay Island.

The construction of TIEZA’s building in the island is almost finished. And allegedly, like others, the Department of Tourism (DoT) Boracay is awaiting the opening of the office of TIEZA in the island.

In an interview with the DoT Boracay Officer-In Charge, Tim Ticar, on Friday, November 09, he said that he was waiting for the opening of the office of TIEZA since he would like to ask many questions from the agency.

This was what Ticar answered when asked during the interview about the status of the overflowing sewer in Boracay and the problem on the Drainage System.

When the problems would be fixed by TIEZA has remained unknown.

The problem on flooding in Boracay, which is originating from not having a drainage system, has been discussed over and over at the Town Council of Malay. Nevertheless, the discussions to come up with an answer had been to no avail.

Even the Engineering Office of Malay is apparently waiting on when TIEZA will fix the problem