Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Public concern, significant for the successful implementation of Curfew Hour for minors

Recently, through this news center, the LGU Malay has had the public aware of a problem relating to the implementation of a Curfew Hour for minors and how it is repeatedly violated.

Minors in Boracay are not supposed to be wandering about by 10:00 p.m., let alone selling toys.

As Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño stated in the previous interview they are having problems in confronting these minors as they consider the risks or the danger that the children will be put through if they, for instance, will be chased by the Municipal Auxiliary Police (MAP).

Children cannot be simply apprehended and put to jail if they violated laws and ordinances. Much should be considered and the presence of a guardian and or a parent is a must, but the problem is, some parents are aware and are actively tolerating their children to be involved in this kind of activity.

The island Administrator's suggestion to the Municipal Social Welfare to file a case against parents whose children will be caught repeatedly perhaps is the red flag to call their attention and attend to their children accordingly.

This scenario puts much weight on the parents, and though to some, who are actually taking action, dealing with the same matter with their troubled teenagers, this may sound unfair, but constitutionally and considering the gravity of this certain issue; parents will still be held responsible.

This matter however goes back to the main concern, the minors. Being out at night without guidance puts them to the open influence of vices and accidents. 

Given that this is Boracay, and the possible attachment of the term “liberated” is not surprising, these children will be prone to activities not suitable to them.

The action is not just for the Government to take, it is for the parents, teachers, neighbors, the minors themselves and any responsible adults, may you be that person who operates businesses at night.

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