Friday, October 7, 2011

From your DJ

The sun has just shone in Boracay after days of heavy rains making the Island look gloomy and sad. Well maybe not so sad to party lovers. For a handful of bars and night spots still open aside the strong winds and torrential rains; playing their music a little more louder than the usual to compete with the angry thuds the big raindrops make as they fall on the roof and the howl of the winds against breakers erected in the beach fronts. 

The sun today signifies hope. Likened to the help that comes after a long week of struggle against the flooding that has beaten our country leaving both friends and strangers without homes and everyone else with few or none to eat.

The sun today is happiness. Its strong yellow rays lights the Earth and we can see everything beautiful - the trees, the flowers, the sky.

Happiness and hope.Words that keep us alive. Like the sun that gives power, energy, supports the growth of life, that aids in providing the world with food, the reason why the world goes round.

So let there be sun today. Love it! Feel it! Enjoy it! And let there be hope and happiness not only on this gorgeous Monday Morning but all through out our days.

Louise ^^