Saturday, September 1, 2012

Catholic Church in Boracay, to add another mass on Sunday mornings

Good news for both residents and tourists in the island of Boracay, because starting this week, the Catholic Church will be celebrating four masses on Sunday mornings.

This has also been confirmed by Rev. Fr. Arnaldo ‘Nonoy” Crisostomo who acts as the mediator of team ministry at the Holy Rosary Parish Church.

According to him the schedule that has been added which is at 6:30 every Sunday morning will be a Hiligaynon/Aklanon mass.

This is for those who wish to attend a mass in a much earlier time.

As what has been agreed upon, the three priests in the parish will celebrate the said mass on intervals, which will then be followed by an Aklanon/Hiligaynon 8:00 am mass.

Meanwhile Sunday afternoons will have its regular schedule which is in English.

Before Fathers Nonoy Crisostomo, Zambrona and Chio were seated as team ministry at the Holy Rosary Parish Boracay, there were only three masses during Sundays, which was first changed from two schedules by the former Parish Priest, Adlai Placer.

Friday, August 31, 2012

LGU Malay, trying to keep education abreast with Boracay’s surging population

Because of the rapid growth of population in Boracay, the local government of Malay is racing in order to keep track with the surge when it comes to education.

This is what SB Member Essel Flores, Chairman of Committee on Education of Malay Town Council, had said during an interview, wherein he stated that they are trying to keep abreast with the population in order to deliver appropriate education.

In fact he said the schools in Boracay have the ratio of 80:1 or 80 students for each teacher.

Although there is a lack of classrooms, the councilor said that they are trying to have adequate number of teachers for these students.

They are also proud to say that somehow education is still the LGU Malay’s priority, and they are pleased that Malay has the highest number of School Board Teachers compared to other towns

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Raising of Swine Prohibited in Boracay

The Raising of swine even just one by one is prohibited in the island of Boracay.

This was clarified by Town Council Member Dante Pagsugiron, Committee Chairman of the Environment and Agriculture in an interview Wednesday.

According to Pagsugiron, the raising of swine is prohibited since its excreta can contaminate water, aside from the possibility of bringing pollution to the air and environment which could bring an unpleasant relationship to the owners and its neighbors.

The Councilman added that although Raising of swine is prohibited, this could not be avoided specially that those who raise swine are constituents who are hard up in life and are hoping to sell their livestock in times of emergency, most especially financial ones.

Meanwhile, the raising of goats and chicken in the island allegedly has a regulation as well depending on the number. This is because of the noise it brings.

Pagsugiron, however, clarified that there is no particular ordinance that prohibits the raising of goats and chicken unlike for swine which is really prohibited.

Scattering un-refined oil in Boracay, not to be worried about: Labatiao

The public should not be worried or be upset about the scattering formed un-refined oil that had mixed with the sands in the beaches of Boracay.

This is what Miguel ‘Mike’ Labatiao, Committee Chairman of Environment of Boracay Foundation Incorporated/BFI guarantees.

He said that the public should not worry as there is no ship that had sunk or overturned that would cause an oil spill.

The formed black oil which is similar to asphalt and or tar seemed to have come from the neighboring islands which was possibly moved and carried by the current.

It is also possible that these has only been washed ashore in the coasts of Boracay as it can be observed that it comes with leaves, wood or planks and other sea weeds.

Labatiao believes that these black particles will eventually disappear especially that they, along with the local government recommended to pick-up or collect this formed chemical that can be seen at the beach line.

He also said that these oil particles will soon be gone through the public’s cooperation in cleaning the front beach.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

UP Boracay to Be Requested by the Town Council of Malay

There will soon be a college institution in Boracay, Town Council Wilbec Gelito is confident on this.

This is the reason why Gelito is proposing to the Council the passing of a resolution showing its interest for the institution of an annex or extension of the University of the Philippines in the island.

In Gelito’s explanation to his fellow Councilmen at the session held noontime, Tuesday, he expressed confidence that the proposal will be approved since he had allegedly talked once with a high ranking official of the university, and the institution expressed approval of the Councilman’s goal.

As a result the resolution requested by Gelito has been included in the agenda of the Town Council for appropriate deliberation.

ATV-bugcar and sea sports establishments to be suspended: SB Malay

From bugcar and ATVs to sea sports activities in Boracay, the Town Council of Malay scrutinized each incident which had involved the tourists.

Previously SB Member Jupiter Gallenero had noted a bugcar hit and run incident where the victim, a 14 year-old girl fell into a critical condition, and the suspect, a tourist, was not identified.

This was followed with reported cases on helmet diving and parasailing which had raised concern over the safety of the tourists and or clients.

This urged the council to present the matter to the Chief Executive asking for an action of investigation and inspection of sea sports and ATV establishments.

They will also recommend the suspension of operations by the company with recorded cases during the investigation.

The council is also planning to call upon the said companies to be reminded of their obligations to their clients and or the tourists.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1st Day of Drainage Construction at Lugutan, Manoc Manoc Flooded

The start of the project to fix the drainage at Lugutan Area at the Village of Manoc Manoc and the putting of a Pumping Station to avoid flooding at the area set on Monday did not push through.

Although Engr. Elezer Casidsid, the Municipal Engineer of Malay revealed on Saturday that the project was planned to start on Monday, the 27th of August, knee deep water was present at the area on that day.

It was difficult to traverse the area even for vehicles because of the floodwater which was the result of just an hour of rain.

At the moment, the establishments surrounding the area are bothered by the situation since their livelihood is affected. This is because aside from drivers, passengers and employees of establishments at the area, even customers of these establishments are reportedly complaining due to the foul smell from the floodwater which is mixed with sewage water.

Boracay National High School turns into “School of Fish”

Thousands of fish are first to welcome you at the gates of Boracay National High School.

This is because the school is not only flooded with rain waters but of the water from the overflowing drainage nearby which reaches the school ground and even some of the classrooms, thus giving difficulties to students and teachers.

Despite of the situation, this had seem to rather give some pleasure to the students as they found this somewhat entertaining while watching schools of fish in the ankle-height waters.

Temporary improvised bridges are the student’s means of getting to their classrooms even from the gates.

On the other hand the teachers acknowledges the fact that these fish actually helps in eliminating and preventing the spread of mosquitoes as it feeds on the insect’s larvae.

However they also admitted that the classes are indeed notably affected during rainy seasons.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Fixing of Drainage & Installation of Pumping System - to be Started, Elevation of Road - Planned

The fixing of Drainage and the installing of Pumping System at Lugutan Area, Manoc-Manoc, Boracay will be started Monday, 27th of August.

The plans of the government for the area allegedly do not end there.

It was learned that the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) plans to elevate the Main Road in this area of Boracay to prevent the road from being submerged in water. This is to once and for all prevent flooding from the Main road going to the interior areas according Engr. Elezer Casidsid, Municipal Engineer of Malay.

Casidsid added that he learned the matter from Manoc-Manoc Village, Captain Abram Sualog and that they both discussed about the matter.

Oil on the shores of Boracay believed to be from ships

It is believed that the ships passing through the coasts of Boracay are the sources of oil that can now be seen in the front beach of the island.

Although this reason is not seen formally by Boracay Foundation Incorporated/BFI Board of Director Nenet Graf, they have already received some information relating to this.

In fact the members and or officials of the BFI have also discussed about this matter and are considering what should be done.

Graf had also revealed that this is not the first occurrence wherein there’s a presence of oil in the waters of Boracay.

She said that during a summer two years ago, they have discovered oil in the waters of the island but it has disappeared a few days after.

Meanwhile in an interview with BFI President Dionesio “Jony” Salme, he said that BFI Board of Director Miguel Labatiao himself has seen and has the records regarding the incident.

If recalled this issue, especially on the black oil which has accumulated in the waters and sands has first been tackled by some stakeholders and Boracaynons on the social network site, facebook.