Saturday, September 1, 2012

Catholic Church in Boracay, to add another mass on Sunday mornings

Good news for both residents and tourists in the island of Boracay, because starting this week, the Catholic Church will be celebrating four masses on Sunday mornings.

This has also been confirmed by Rev. Fr. Arnaldo ‘Nonoy” Crisostomo who acts as the mediator of team ministry at the Holy Rosary Parish Church.

According to him the schedule that has been added which is at 6:30 every Sunday morning will be a Hiligaynon/Aklanon mass.

This is for those who wish to attend a mass in a much earlier time.

As what has been agreed upon, the three priests in the parish will celebrate the said mass on intervals, which will then be followed by an Aklanon/Hiligaynon 8:00 am mass.

Meanwhile Sunday afternoons will have its regular schedule which is in English.

Before Fathers Nonoy Crisostomo, Zambrona and Chio were seated as team ministry at the Holy Rosary Parish Boracay, there were only three masses during Sundays, which was first changed from two schedules by the former Parish Priest, Adlai Placer.

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