Monday, August 27, 2012

Oil on the shores of Boracay believed to be from ships

It is believed that the ships passing through the coasts of Boracay are the sources of oil that can now be seen in the front beach of the island.

Although this reason is not seen formally by Boracay Foundation Incorporated/BFI Board of Director Nenet Graf, they have already received some information relating to this.

In fact the members and or officials of the BFI have also discussed about this matter and are considering what should be done.

Graf had also revealed that this is not the first occurrence wherein there’s a presence of oil in the waters of Boracay.

She said that during a summer two years ago, they have discovered oil in the waters of the island but it has disappeared a few days after.

Meanwhile in an interview with BFI President Dionesio “Jony” Salme, he said that BFI Board of Director Miguel Labatiao himself has seen and has the records regarding the incident.

If recalled this issue, especially on the black oil which has accumulated in the waters and sands has first been tackled by some stakeholders and Boracaynons on the social network site, facebook.

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