Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Boracay National High School turns into “School of Fish”

Thousands of fish are first to welcome you at the gates of Boracay National High School.

This is because the school is not only flooded with rain waters but of the water from the overflowing drainage nearby which reaches the school ground and even some of the classrooms, thus giving difficulties to students and teachers.

Despite of the situation, this had seem to rather give some pleasure to the students as they found this somewhat entertaining while watching schools of fish in the ankle-height waters.

Temporary improvised bridges are the student’s means of getting to their classrooms even from the gates.

On the other hand the teachers acknowledges the fact that these fish actually helps in eliminating and preventing the spread of mosquitoes as it feeds on the insect’s larvae.

However they also admitted that the classes are indeed notably affected during rainy seasons.

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Boracay Wedding said...

WOW! This is a nice project. Hope it will last. Congratulations.