Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1st Day of Drainage Construction at Lugutan, Manoc Manoc Flooded

The start of the project to fix the drainage at Lugutan Area at the Village of Manoc Manoc and the putting of a Pumping Station to avoid flooding at the area set on Monday did not push through.

Although Engr. Elezer Casidsid, the Municipal Engineer of Malay revealed on Saturday that the project was planned to start on Monday, the 27th of August, knee deep water was present at the area on that day.

It was difficult to traverse the area even for vehicles because of the floodwater which was the result of just an hour of rain.

At the moment, the establishments surrounding the area are bothered by the situation since their livelihood is affected. This is because aside from drivers, passengers and employees of establishments at the area, even customers of these establishments are reportedly complaining due to the foul smell from the floodwater which is mixed with sewage water.

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