Friday, June 15, 2012

MHO Warns on Wading Through Flood Water

Since it is rainy season and flooding on certain areas in the Island is experienced during such time, the Malay Municipal Health Office gave caution on wading through flood waters.

The Municipal Health Officer of Malay, Dr. Adrian Salaver said that wading through flood water is dangerous since various diseases could be contracted not only by kids but also by adults. This is regardless whether the water is from overflowing sewage or not.

Salaver strongly recommended the public to get into the habit of washing feet after wading through flood water, and to wash hands before meals to avoid contracting different kinds of diseases.

Noise Pollution in Boracay, no Longer a Problem

The Local Government of Malay is grateful for the past days where there are almost no complaints about the Noise Pollution from bars in Boracay.

According to Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño, there had almost been no complaints, unlike before where the issue is brought up more often.

This, however, is aside from the reported noise of a certain bar in Station 2 which they had repeatedly confronted, the same bar which is now facing a case for infracting the ordinance on Noise Pollution.

Nonetheless, even there will be no reports of nuisances brought about by loud sounds of bars in Boracay,

Sacapaño made it clear that on August 1, they are still going to implement the strict compliance that bars or disco bars must be closed, and or sound proof during their operations every night, so that the sounds would not be of a disturbance to individuals who are resting especially to tourists on vacation.

It should be expected, said the Island Administrator, that there will be no open, but rather closed or sound proofed establishments even before the implementation.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The “7 Wonders of Malay”

If there is “7 Wonders of Nature” in the world, there is also “7 Wonders of Malay.”

Aside from the acclaimed International Tourist Destination Island of Boracay, which the first class Municipality of Malay is proud of, the Government of Malay wants to make the other natural resources of Malay be known in the field of Tourism.

Because of this, in connection with the celebration of Malay Day on the 15th of June, a presentation dubbed “7 Wonders of Malay” in the form of video presentation will be shown at the town of Malay. The video presentation will be in the evening of June 14 of this year.

The move by the Local Government Unit (LGU) is meant to make the public aware that aside from Boracay and the activities the Resort Island offers, there are other beautiful spots that tourists can visit in Malay.

The “7 Wonders of Malay” are The Malay Ecological Park located at the village of Argao, Nagata Falls, Nabaoy River, Agnaga Mini Falls and Cold Spring at Kabulihan, Pangihan Cave at the town of Malay, Naasug Point, and the Island of Boracay.

Meanwhile, aside from the “7 Wonders of Malay” presentation on June 14, the LGU of Malay will also present on the same event fashion items like barong Tagalog and other female outfits with materials from Malay, and made in Malay, that Malay can be proud of in presenting to tourists.

No classes and office work on Malay Day

It is expected that there will be no classes in all schools, private or public, in Malay and Boracay and it will be a break for offices in the district too.

It is because tomorrow, Friday, 15th of June, the town will be celebrating Malay Day which is the commemoration of the separation of Malay from Buruanga which happenend way back in 1949 on the same date.

Malay Administrator, Godofredo Sadiasa had confirmed that tomorrow is considered a local holiday in the whole town of Malay as well as in the island of Boracay the reason there will be no classes and no offices.

This followed after the implementation of the town council or Sangguniang Bayan Resolution No. 6 Series of 1987, that declares, that every 15th of June in the District of Malay is a Special Holiday, as a commemoration of the signing of Republic Act 381 that establishes Malay as a separate town from Buruanga, which previously belonged to the Province of Capiz, and which is now a part of the Aklan Province.

Meanwhile as a part of the commemorative Day of Malay, different activities had been prepared by the local government.

Aside from this, in line with the celebration, there will be a program for the presentation of the '7 wonders of Malay' which will be held tonight.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dengue Cases to Increase, Keeping the Environment Clean Is the Best Preventive Measure- MHO

The number of Dengue cases is expected to rise in the town of Malay and in the Island of Boracay.

This is based on the pattern of Statistics wherein the number of cases of the infectious disease comes back almost every two (2) years according to Dr. Adrian Salaver, the Municipal Health Officer (MHO) of Malay.

In relation to this, the MHO emphasized to the public to be vigilant and follow the four (4) “S” to avoid Dengue.

The four “S” according to Salaver are the following: 
  • Seek and Destroy the breeding places of mosquitoes or where mosquitoes stay.
  • Seek Early Treatment or seek early medical consultation for appropriate treatment.
  • The third is Self Protection or the wearing of long sleeved shirts, pants, socks, and the use of insect repellant lotion to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.
  • And the fourth is Say No to Indiscriminate Fogging since indiscriminate fogging only drives mosquitoes away, which takes a long time to happen but that the mosquitoes will also come back. Furthermore, indiscriminate fogging is the most expensive method in fighting Dengue according to Salaver.

Salaver pointed out to the public that the most important is, if possible, to keep the environment clean since this is the most effective preventive measure.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Health Office of Malay has started an information dissemination campaign at schools. Anti Dengue Mosquito Traps are also being given to households according to Salaver.

For now, Anti Dengue Mosquito Traps are still available at the Health Center in Malay and in the island. And if the public is interested, the Local Government of Malay is ready to purchase additional traps.

Road Widening going to Tabon Port, rushed

According to Malay Municipal Engineer, Elezer Casidisid the ongoing road widening from the national highway going to Tabon Port is indeed being rushed.

In fact he said it is expected to be fnished next week.

If there had been any delays in the construction this is because of the difficult negotiations with owners of the lands affected by the said widening.

In line with this, it is anticipated that only a side of the road can be extended as some private land owners refused for their area to be covered.

Nonetheless in order to resolve this narrow roadway, they will have the street gutter fixed so that it would not be so difficult for the motorists.

Casidisid however said that what they are doing is not really a widening but a construction only and does not include the road protection, despite having admitted that in some instances, parts of the road are affected by landslides.

Conversely this explanation is opposite to what SB Member Rowen Aguirre's anticipation and observation that has been voiced out to the council. It seems to him that there is no urgency from the department which is supposed to be implementing the project.

For the reason, he said, that the project has not been completed despite knowing the fact that the Tabon Port would be busy during the Southwest Monsoon or Habagat season.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Marina Memorandum Circular is for the Safety of Passengers - Caticlan Coastguard Commander

Caticlan Coastguard Commander Terence Alsosa is disappointed with those who violate the Marina Memorandum Circular.

In an interview Tuesday, Alsosa said many hard headed passengers seem not to care when cautioned to wear life jackets. He added that while the Memorandum Circular is strictly implemented, many passengers choose to ignore it.

The Coastguard Commander further added that there will be more strict implementation of the Memorandum Circular especially that it’s the southwest Moonson Season.

According to Alsosa, the wearing of life jacket is for the safety of passengers, therefore it would be best for passengers to follow.

The Memorandum Circular refers to the mandate that all passengers of boats with Open Deck House are required to wear a life jacket.

Multipartite Monitoring Team, to be launched by BIWC

To ensure that the standard that is required by the Department of Natural Resources-Environmental Management Bureau or DENR-EMB is achieved

The Boracay Island Water Company (BIWC) had recently launched the Multipartite Monitoring Team or MMT, wherein a memorandum of agreement had been signed.

Those who signed in the said agreement were representatives of the government and the private sectors, which includes the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Environmental Management Bureau, officials of Barangay Nabaoy and Caticlan, Boracay Foundation Incorporated, some officials from the LGU and the Council of Malay, Boracay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Tourism Infrastructure Enterprise Zoning Authority or TIEZA.

Along with the activity is the visit to the BIWC's water treatment plant at Nabaoy River which is the source of water supply in Boracay.

In the past two years of service to its subject area, BIWC was also known for its different projects launched in the island, as well as the activities relating to the protection of nature.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Boracay Tourist Police Assistance Center OIC To Serve the People and the Tourists of Boracay Island

He is here to serve the people and the tourists of Boracay Island.

These were the words given by the new Boracay Tourist Police Assistance Center OIC, Senior Inspector Al Loren Bigay in front of the members of the Boracay Action Group in a Joint Flag Raising Ceremony and in an interview Monday morning.

According to Bigay, his priorities are the strengthening of the capabilities of the Police, coordination with the government and non-government organizations, and the prosecution of criminals.

Bigay also mentioned that he needs the cooperation of the community of Boracay.

Number of tourists for May spiked

More than 5,000 tourists from different parts of the world added to the list of visitors in the island of Boracay for the month of May compared to 2011, the Municipal Tourism Office record showed.

Based on MTO's record, the Korean's are still on the top of the list as of now, which is the same as last year where more than 9,000 were registered.

In the month of May this 2012, up to 30,000 foreign tourists were recorded, while on the same month in 2011 there were only 25,000.

Meanwhile, the number of Taiwanese visitors slightly increased to 2,000 this year, while the Chinese ranged up to more than 1,000.