Thursday, June 14, 2012

The “7 Wonders of Malay”

If there is “7 Wonders of Nature” in the world, there is also “7 Wonders of Malay.”

Aside from the acclaimed International Tourist Destination Island of Boracay, which the first class Municipality of Malay is proud of, the Government of Malay wants to make the other natural resources of Malay be known in the field of Tourism.

Because of this, in connection with the celebration of Malay Day on the 15th of June, a presentation dubbed “7 Wonders of Malay” in the form of video presentation will be shown at the town of Malay. The video presentation will be in the evening of June 14 of this year.

The move by the Local Government Unit (LGU) is meant to make the public aware that aside from Boracay and the activities the Resort Island offers, there are other beautiful spots that tourists can visit in Malay.

The “7 Wonders of Malay” are The Malay Ecological Park located at the village of Argao, Nagata Falls, Nabaoy River, Agnaga Mini Falls and Cold Spring at Kabulihan, Pangihan Cave at the town of Malay, Naasug Point, and the Island of Boracay.

Meanwhile, aside from the “7 Wonders of Malay” presentation on June 14, the LGU of Malay will also present on the same event fashion items like barong Tagalog and other female outfits with materials from Malay, and made in Malay, that Malay can be proud of in presenting to tourists.

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