Saturday, October 6, 2012

For the 2013 Mid-term Elections: No rivals for Mayor John Yap and SB Member Wilbec Gelito; 17 candidates, to contest for SB position

Who and to what position are just some of the questions regarding the 2013 Mid-term Elections in the Municipality of Malay this past days.

These questions however were answered as soon as the clock hits 5pm of yesterday, after Malay Election Officer Elma Cajilig announced to the Media, the names of those running for office.

A confirmation from the COMELEC that there will be no rivals for Incumbent Mayor John Yap had drawn different reactions even from some town hall people.

Supporters of SB Member Wilbec Gelito felt composed after learning that, like the mayoral position, Gelito is the only candidate for Vice-Mayor.

Meanwhile the 17 candidates who will be vying for a post in the Municipal Council (SB) will have their own individual campaigns.

Three of them are under the United Nationalist Alliance Party or UNA, namely Frolibar “Fromy” Bautista, Edwin Martin, and Ralf Tolosa.

Under the Liberal party are Rowen Aguire, Antonio Cajilig Jr., Manuel Delos Reyes, Danilo Delos Santos, Jupiter Gallenero, Leal Borreros Gelito, and Paterno Sacapano.

Those who chose to be independent candidates are Jonathan Cabrera, Roldan Casidsid, Felicito Lumbo Jr., Edwin Pelayo, Robert Tumaob, and Dionisio Tupas Jr.

On the other hand, Natalie “nat-nat’ Cawaling Paderes is the only SB candidate running under the Nationalista Party.

Meanwhile Mayor John Yap is confirmed to be under the Liberal Party, while Wilbec Gelito is under the Nationalsta Party.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Aklan - No Election "Hotspot"

Aklan is not considered a “hotspot” in the forthcoming 2013 elections.

Aklan Supervisor Atty. Ian Lee Ananoria of the Provincial Commission on Elections (Comelec) clarified this.

Ananoria said that if a comparison is made between the past and the present elections, there have been no recorded cases of violence related to elections in the province. This, according to Ananoria, is because authorities have been able to keep peace and order in the province.

He added that since he started rendering service in 2010, he did not observe any problem since Aklan is peaceful.

A “hotspot” is an area considered to be dangerous and being monitored during election period because of violence.

However, because the Commission has the control over the Philippine Army and the Philippine Police during elections, preparations to ensure peaceful and successful elections are being made.

Significance of CCTVs, recognized by SB Malay

CCTVs or Close Circuit Televisions are considered to be of a significant help when it comes to security.

Usually used in large establishments, private or government owned, these are also used in residential and to watch over some properties.

And its function and significance is being recognized by the members of the Municipal Council of Malay.

In fact, during last Tuesday’s session, the matter has been discussed by the council where SB Member Cabrera had mentioned the approval of an ordinance regarding this.

Consequently, all establishments in Malay are to expect an obligatory installment of these CCTVs.

Moreover, since it has already been approved, this will be included in the requirements for business permit renewals.

Meanwhile, at the Caticlan Jetty Port and in Boracay, the CCTV serves and helps in keeping an eye for the safety and security of the tourists.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

All Island Hopping Activities in Boracay Suspended by the Philippine Coastguard

All island hopping activities were ordered suspended for the meantime by the Philippine Coastguard.

This was confirmed by Chief Petty Officer Ronnie Hiponia of the Coastguard Detachment Caticlan. The suspension is in relation to the capsizing of the boat Kevin 2 yesterday at Tambisaan where 3 Taiwanese nationals died.

According to Hiponia, island hopping is still dangerous for the public especially that the country is still experiencing bad weather brought about by typhoon Marce.

Hiponia also gave assurance that a Special Operations Group (SOG) will be commissioned to patrol the waters of Boracay. The supervision of boats has also been made strict to ensure that the wearing of life jacket will be followed by passengers.

Still in connection with the boat capsizing incident involving the Taiwanese nationals yesterday, an emergency meeting was set by the Coastguard together with other agencies in Boracay to discuss the incident.

DOT–Boracay OIC Tim Ticar, saddened by the drowning incidents of tourists in Boracay yesterday

DOT-Boracay Officer in Charge Tim Ticar feels sorry about yesterday’s incident where tourists in Boracay have drowned.

The island was shuddered by separate tragedies when two HRM students of Arellano University, and another tourist, who intended to save them, had died due to drowning.

And in an isolated case, two females and a two-year-old Taiwanese national also died after the motorboat that they were on had overturned yesterday afternoon.

In line with this, Ticar said that it would be appropriate for the authorities to find out the problems and flaws and or weaknesses that had caused these tragedies.

He suggested that this matter, for instance, be discussed among the members of the Boracay Action Group and other agencies on the island.

Ticar added that these kinds of situation have “no room for alibis,” rather cooperation is needed for a better solution.

Meanwhile, the DOT-Boracay pointed out that it doesn’t matter whether the victims may be a ‘pinoy’ or foreign tourist, because they are still going to help them.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Politicians Are Free for Now - Malay Comelec Supervisor

Politicians are for now free to campaign early until the election period arrives by January 2013.

Atty. Ian Lee Ananoria, Comelec Supervisor of Aklan clarified the matter.

Such clarification was given taking into consideration that the filing of Certificate of Candidacy (COC) has started and some politicians have filed their COCs and even these politicians have admitted that there are those who campaign early even before the set date for election campaign.

For now, the focus of the Comelec is on the filing of COCs and the Registration of Voters, according to Ananoria.

For the period of October 1 to 5, the Registration of Voters was temporarily suspended to give way to the filing of COCs of candidates. By Monday October 8, Registration of Voters resumes and ends on October 31.

Ananoria appealed to voters who want to register to register early at Comelec Offices of their respective towns.

Meanwhile, the Comelec Supervisor said there is a set date for voting for Police and members of the Armed Forces in Aklan, also known as “Absentee Voting,” although the scheduled date was not yet known as of press time.

In addition, Ananoria could not tell whether there would be Absentee Voting for members of the Media.

Malay Ex-Vice Mayor Fromy Bautista, on for a candidacy, but unsure as to what position

Former Vice-Mayor Fromy Bautista had confirmed that he will be joining the 2013 Mid-term Elections in the Municipality of Malay.

He however, is yet to decide on to what office or position he will be running for before the deadline of submission of Certificates of Candidacy or COC which is on Friday, the 5th of October of the current year.

According to Bautista, he is weighing and carefully studying if he would be running for Council, Vice-Mayor, or he could possibly rival Incumbent mayor John Yap for the office of the Mayor of Malay.

Bautista said that he must not decide rashly, although he had acquired three COCs for the three mentioned positions.

He also added, during an exclusive interview, to just wait and see what COC will he be submitting this coming Friday.

Fromy Bautista used to be a SB Member and Vice-Mayor of Malay, but has failed twice in running for position as Mayor of the municipality. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No Extension on Filling of Certificate of Candidacy to Be Strictly Implemented by the Comelec

If in the past, Certificate of Candidacies (COC) from candidates were still received and processed even at midnight on the last day of filing, this year that was changed.

This year, there is a new rule in filing COCs.

The resolution from the Commission on Elections (Comelec) dated 21st of September, states that candidates can only submit their COCs from 8am until 5pm.

Nevertheless, Elma Cahilig, the Comelec Officer of Malay said if there are still many who are in line at their office to submit their COCs, before 5PM strikes, the names of all those in line will be listed and called to process their COCs on the same day.

On the other hand, the Comelec Officer requested candidates to file their COCs early and not to wait for rush hour.

This year’s COC filing will be from the 1st of October until the 5th of October for the Midterm election.

In addition, Cahilig stressed that the deadline of the filing of candidacy will be October 5, and to give sufficient time to candidates, it is to be expected that their office is open even during “lunch break.” However, the regular hours for filing will be implemented in the morning and afternoon during the filing period.

Illegally transported Endangered Species in Boracay, to be confiscated by CENRO

CENRO Boracay is still waiting for DENR Bacolod’s answer regarding the alleged entry of endangered species of animals in Boracay without necessary documents, thus illegal.

According to Boracay CENRO officer Merza Samillano, Boracay has yet to wait for a confirmation from Bacolod where the endangered animals was said to have come from before they could conduct a confiscation in a certain park in the island.

The animals which included two crocodiles and various species of birds can currently be seen at the said park.

Samillano added that keeping these kinds of animals is prohibited, except for institutions and those which had acquired a certificate of donation, also the area must be DENR accredited, and the individual must be qualified in taking care of the said animals.

Samillano said that the person who handles the said animals had actually submitted a donation certificate during the CENRO Boracay’s inspection, however they could not identify as to where it came from and if they have a transportation permit, the reason why CENRO Boracay wrote to DENR Bacolod.

Meanwhile the Wild Life Act strictly prohibits an individual from keeping and violating any of the endangered species, even removing or transferring them from their original habitat.

For this reason, if proven that the transport or import of these animals in the island is illegal, and if they cannot establish that is was donated, the CENRO will then confiscate the said endangered animals.

It has been a month since CENRO started the investigation regarding this matter, but they are still waiting for the response from DENR Bacolod.

Monday, October 1, 2012

State of the P38 Million Land Fill Project of Malay rests in the hands of the Boracay Solid Waste Management Board

The state of the P38 Million Land Fill Project of Malay rests in the hands of the Boracay Solid Waste Management Board.

This was what Vice Mayor and Presiding Officer Ceciron Cawaling emphasized in the middle of the debate of the Councilmen at the Town Council on the 25th of September. This was after it was found out that irregularities seemed existed in the project, and there was a change from the plan when the plan was implemented resulting to the failed Land Fill Project of Malay.

According to Cawaling, even if the contractor together with the other individuals involved in the implementation of the project were called upon by the Town Council, the solution sought for the problem could not be drawn.

Cawaling said that everyone should meet for such problem and that the Boracay Solid Waste Management Board should call for a meeting, since the Board should be making the decision on the issue.

In conclusion, the Vice Mayor suggested that a General Meeting should be called for by the Boracay Solid Waste Management Board, and that it should be called by the Chief Executive so that the responsible department would explain to the Town Council why the problem happened.

It can be recalled that it was found that allegedly the contractor made the size of the Land Fill area for the garbage residuals of Boracay Island smaller. The Land Fill area was expected to be filled by 2017, however, by 2012, there is no more space for the garbage residuals from Boracay, the reason why the garbage residuals from Boracay Island are still in Boracay Island.

After a “cut back,” Boracay Police, gets relievers

The Police Force in Boracay was cut back in the previous month of September.

However, Boracay Special Tourist Assistance Center or BTAC Chief, Police Senior Inspector Joeffer Cabural had confirmed that they already had an additional number of police here.

This followed when on September 16 through 21, more than twenty of its previous members had been removed and transferred to other different police stations for various reasons.

Recently however the Regional Mobile Group had only sent 6 members to replace those who have been relieved.

Cabural explained that adding police forces in the island needs a due process.
This means, that the Boracay PNP must first send a request to the Provincial Command which in turn will make request to the PNP Regional Office.

For the time being, Cabural could not declare if there will be an additional police in Boracay to join the first six who were placed in exchange of those who were relieved and requested to be relieved from the Boracay PNP.

Earlier, during his courtesy call to the LGU-Malay, other offices and stakeholders, the now BTAC Chief had promised a 24/7 police visibility in the Island of Boracay.