Monday, October 1, 2012

After a “cut back,” Boracay Police, gets relievers

The Police Force in Boracay was cut back in the previous month of September.

However, Boracay Special Tourist Assistance Center or BTAC Chief, Police Senior Inspector Joeffer Cabural had confirmed that they already had an additional number of police here.

This followed when on September 16 through 21, more than twenty of its previous members had been removed and transferred to other different police stations for various reasons.

Recently however the Regional Mobile Group had only sent 6 members to replace those who have been relieved.

Cabural explained that adding police forces in the island needs a due process.
This means, that the Boracay PNP must first send a request to the Provincial Command which in turn will make request to the PNP Regional Office.

For the time being, Cabural could not declare if there will be an additional police in Boracay to join the first six who were placed in exchange of those who were relieved and requested to be relieved from the Boracay PNP.

Earlier, during his courtesy call to the LGU-Malay, other offices and stakeholders, the now BTAC Chief had promised a 24/7 police visibility in the Island of Boracay.

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