Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Illegally transported Endangered Species in Boracay, to be confiscated by CENRO

CENRO Boracay is still waiting for DENR Bacolod’s answer regarding the alleged entry of endangered species of animals in Boracay without necessary documents, thus illegal.

According to Boracay CENRO officer Merza Samillano, Boracay has yet to wait for a confirmation from Bacolod where the endangered animals was said to have come from before they could conduct a confiscation in a certain park in the island.

The animals which included two crocodiles and various species of birds can currently be seen at the said park.

Samillano added that keeping these kinds of animals is prohibited, except for institutions and those which had acquired a certificate of donation, also the area must be DENR accredited, and the individual must be qualified in taking care of the said animals.

Samillano said that the person who handles the said animals had actually submitted a donation certificate during the CENRO Boracay’s inspection, however they could not identify as to where it came from and if they have a transportation permit, the reason why CENRO Boracay wrote to DENR Bacolod.

Meanwhile the Wild Life Act strictly prohibits an individual from keeping and violating any of the endangered species, even removing or transferring them from their original habitat.

For this reason, if proven that the transport or import of these animals in the island is illegal, and if they cannot establish that is was donated, the CENRO will then confiscate the said endangered animals.

It has been a month since CENRO started the investigation regarding this matter, but they are still waiting for the response from DENR Bacolod.

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