Saturday, May 4, 2013

PNP Boracay ready for the May elections

The Police force in Boracay is ready for the coming May 13 elections.

In fact in an interview with Boracay PNP Chief PS/Inspector Joeffer Cabural yesterday, he said that the Duty Details of what he called their teams A and B have already been prepared.

He said they had a meeting last week at the Provincial Command together with the Provincial Director and Comelec officers where they discussed the deployment of the force to all polling precincts.

Cabural noted that considering there are only 3 polling precincts on the island and that they have “enough and sufficient” police personnel, instead of one police per precincts they will be deploying more.

The PNP Chief also encourages the public to practice their Right to Suffrage and said that “rest assured” in the presence of the PNP and of their counterparts, the island of Boracay will have a peaceful May 2013 Elections.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Fake bills, gradually spreading in Boracay

Snatchers, burglars and pick-pockets are not the only ones you should watch out for in Boracay nowadays.

This is because fake bills are again spreading out gradually.

This is after a sari-sari store owner in Baranggay Manoc-manoc was victimized after receiving a fake 500 peso bill.

Based on the victim’s statement, a girl bought an item from their store and that the money was handed to his wife, who did not recognized that it was a fake.

The store owner expressed his frustration as that 500 pesos could be their income, but instead it has become a loss.

Previously a report was also released where the Commission on Elections and the PNP warned the public of circulating fake money which according to them could be used in vote buying.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Prisoners do not need to go out from two jails at Aklan in order to vote on May 13, 2013.
This is because the Board of Election Inspectors (BEI) of COMELEC will bring the ballots to the two jails so that the jail guards and the inmates will not be put into any risk just to vote.
According to Jonacer Billones of COMELEC Kalibo, the BEIs will bring the ballots to the registered inmates and let the inmates mark their chosen candidates.
The ballots will then be brought to the polling precinct of the Village where the jail is situated.
The voting will be made on the day of election which is May 13.

Boracay Need Not Worry On H7N9 Virus

Boracay should stay calm about the spread of one of the most lethal influenza viruses -H7N9.

According to Malay Municipal Health Officer, Dr. Adrian Salaver, there are no precautionary measures implemented in Boracay Island with regards to H7N9 virus.

He said that there is no advisory from Department of Health to implement such measures, since the virus spread through contact with poultry products specifically from China.

It was earlier reported that the Department of Agriculture already prohibits importation of poultry products from the said country.

H7N9 virus is a new avian influenza A virus that has been detected in poultry in China.  Patients with H7N9 suffered from respiratory illness and some have died.

NO cases of H7n9 outside of China have been reported and no person-person transmissions have been detected.

Reason why, Malaynons and Boracaynons should not worry of those tourists coming from China.

Baranggay Sambiray, Street Dancing Competition Champion of Fiesta de Obreros

Baranggay Sambiray was declared champion and took home 30,000 pesos on the 10th Fiesta de Obreros Street Dancing Competition.

This was held yesterday as a part of the Municipal and Parochial Fiesta of the Municipality of Malay.

The group was the center of attraction and cheering and therefore also bagged the minor awards which included Best in Choreography, Best in Music, Production Design and Best in Costume.

Meanwhile Baranggay Nabaoy won Best in Street Dancing because of their discipline and skills in dancing.

With the major awards, 2nd runner-up went to Brgy. Kabulihan, while Baranggay Cubay Sur lands on 1st runner-up.

The Fiesta De Obreros Street Dancing Competition was yesterday’s highlights as the Labor Day was celebrated and as Malay pays homage to its patron St. Joseph the Worker.

Also present during the occasion were some provincial politicians and all the employees and officials of the Municipality of Malay.

Employees in Aklan, cannot be removed just because of elections

Comelec Aklan warns the politicians on using their power in removing employees who did not support their candidacy.

According to Mr. Getulio Esto of Comelec Aklan this reminder is not only for the protection of Government Employees, particularly in the municipalities, but also to those in private establishments in the province.

It is clear he said that the law prohibits coercion in getting votes especially if it involves something in return, such as job offers or a threat of removal from position that was rooted from the elections.

He added that a contractual employee, private or public, cannot be dismissed without a valid reason, and that political subject is not a part of a contract, therefore it cannot be used as basis.

Esto also said that this would violate an individual’s right to choose a leader.

Doing so is a clear violation of the Labor Code, implemented by the Department of Labor and Employment for those working in private establishments, as well as the law enforced by the Civil Service for the protection of government employees.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The province of Aklan is considered ahead in the whole Region 6.

When compared with all the provinces in the region, Aklan has the lowest number of beggars or families that are hard up in life.

This is if it is based on the latest survey released by the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) for the first semester of 2012.

According to the NSCB report, Antique has 32.1% of families who are hard up in life, followed by the provinces of Guimaras and Negros Occidental both having  26.2% each, Capiz at 25.4%, and Iloilo at 21.9%.

Aklan has the least percentage of families who are hard up in life at 21%.

4Ps beneficiaries in Aklan, nothing to worry about during elections

During the election, beneficiaries of 4Ps in Aklan should not worry about their names being removed from the list.

According to 4Ps or Pantawid Pamilya Pilipino Program Provincial Operation Officer, Cristina Tersina, recipients of the program should not worry because no politician can use this to scare them, particularly those family that will not vote for a certain candidate.

Tersina explained that these beneficiaries have undergone a process and are now on their system and records, thus nobody can delete them from the list.

This is except if an individual is proven to be unqualified to be under the program, and or are not complying with the requirements.

The Provincial Operation Officer said that there are 26,275 4Ps beneficiaries in the 17 towns in Aklan.

4Ps is a national program of the administration for the less fortunate Filipinos.           

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

PCOS Machines for polling precincts in Aklan, to be delivered today

The Precinct Count Optical Scanners (PCOS) Machines to be used for the May 2013 elections in the province of Aklan will be delivered today, April 30.

With this, a strict security is being observed and implemented by the Aklan Police and the Philippine Army who will work together in delivering the said machines.

Each Political party or group will also have a representative to watch over.

According to PO3 Nida Lachica-Gregas, Public Information Officer of Aklan Police Provincial Office (APPO) the PCOS machines will be received by the treasurer of each municipality.

Gregas said it will be delivered first to areas considered to have some “difficulties” or are far flung and has no signal.

For instance, the eight remote baranggays in Libacao, and four in Ibajay and Balete.

The Aklan Provincial Comelec Supervisor has previously stated that some 504 PCOS machines intended for all the polling precincts in the Province had already arrived.

Monday, April 29, 2013


An Operation to remove politician posters is to be expected from the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) of Aklan.

This was revealed by Jetulio Esto of the COMELEC of Aklan.

According to Esto, there have been many politicians of Aklan who have been sent a letter to enable these politicians to remove their own posters.

However, Esto did not name the candidates of Aklan who have been given letters to remove their campaign posters.

Once the posters were not removed by the politicians, the COMELEC itself will do the job even when the election is not over.

He also made it clear that the posting of large images of candidates outside schools, where voting is to take place, and even along the path is strictly prohibited.

He pointed out that the only common poster areas declared by the commission are public plazas. Therefore, posters not at public plazas are considered illegal.

LGU plans for a public market in Boracay

The local government of Malay is aware of the improper disposal of waste water from Bukid Talipapa Market.

This is because, according to Boracay Solid Waste Management Manager and Island Administrator Glenn Sacapano, the areas are privately owned and no one is giving way that would serve as water passage.

Aside from this, the vicinity has an issue on land disputes that needs to be acted upon, another reason that stops them to make a move.

Nonetheless, although private, the LGU is ready to give action to their problems for the benefit of those living around the market area, particularly on the health of the people.

Sacapano added that the vendors here are not paying anything to the LGU.

It is not easy for the LGU to intervene with their regulation; they are however trying to respond to any of the complaints.

During the interview with the Island Administrator, he also revealed, that the LGU-Malay has a plan to set up a Public Market in the island in order to regulate the vendors and to focus on their problems as well as with the wet market in Boracay.