Monday, April 29, 2013

LGU plans for a public market in Boracay

The local government of Malay is aware of the improper disposal of waste water from Bukid Talipapa Market.

This is because, according to Boracay Solid Waste Management Manager and Island Administrator Glenn Sacapano, the areas are privately owned and no one is giving way that would serve as water passage.

Aside from this, the vicinity has an issue on land disputes that needs to be acted upon, another reason that stops them to make a move.

Nonetheless, although private, the LGU is ready to give action to their problems for the benefit of those living around the market area, particularly on the health of the people.

Sacapano added that the vendors here are not paying anything to the LGU.

It is not easy for the LGU to intervene with their regulation; they are however trying to respond to any of the complaints.

During the interview with the Island Administrator, he also revealed, that the LGU-Malay has a plan to set up a Public Market in the island in order to regulate the vendors and to focus on their problems as well as with the wet market in Boracay.

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