Thursday, May 2, 2013

Boracay Need Not Worry On H7N9 Virus

Boracay should stay calm about the spread of one of the most lethal influenza viruses -H7N9.

According to Malay Municipal Health Officer, Dr. Adrian Salaver, there are no precautionary measures implemented in Boracay Island with regards to H7N9 virus.

He said that there is no advisory from Department of Health to implement such measures, since the virus spread through contact with poultry products specifically from China.

It was earlier reported that the Department of Agriculture already prohibits importation of poultry products from the said country.

H7N9 virus is a new avian influenza A virus that has been detected in poultry in China.  Patients with H7N9 suffered from respiratory illness and some have died.

NO cases of H7n9 outside of China have been reported and no person-person transmissions have been detected.

Reason why, Malaynons and Boracaynons should not worry of those tourists coming from China.

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