Saturday, May 4, 2013

PNP Boracay ready for the May elections

The Police force in Boracay is ready for the coming May 13 elections.

In fact in an interview with Boracay PNP Chief PS/Inspector Joeffer Cabural yesterday, he said that the Duty Details of what he called their teams A and B have already been prepared.

He said they had a meeting last week at the Provincial Command together with the Provincial Director and Comelec officers where they discussed the deployment of the force to all polling precincts.

Cabural noted that considering there are only 3 polling precincts on the island and that they have “enough and sufficient” police personnel, instead of one police per precincts they will be deploying more.

The PNP Chief also encourages the public to practice their Right to Suffrage and said that “rest assured” in the presence of the PNP and of their counterparts, the island of Boracay will have a peaceful May 2013 Elections.

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