Saturday, December 29, 2012

DPWH gets clearance from DENR to fill up a lake in Balabag

The filling up and or embankment of a certain lake in Boracay which will be affected by the Circumferential Road Project is sure to push through.

This followed after the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has concluded their discourse regarding this certain lake in Barangay Balabag.

According to Boracay CENRO Officer Merza Samillano, the DPWH now have a CNC or Certificate of Non-coverage which is a clearance from the DENR to carry on with the project.

Samillano however explained that only a fraction of the lake will be covered and will become a part of the road.

The DENR had previously opposed the action as the DPWH has no proper documentation or permit from their department.

The mentioned lake was said to be one of those that the DENR is protecting.

Friday, December 28, 2012


The deadline for attaching ICC stickers on helmet of motorist will be on Friday, December 28, at 5pm.

This directive was given by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for the motorists of Aklan.

Despite being busy in monitoring Noche Buena Products, and on the possible Price Freeze in kalibo due to the recent flooding, DTI Aklan Director, Diosdado Cadena said that motorists who wish to have their helmets inspected and attached with ICC stickers are welcome.

The deadline was set for Friday since the days that will follow will be DTI employees’ New Year’s break.

Moreover, as of press time, no directive had been received from the DTI National Office on whether there would be an extension for helmet inspection and attaching of stickers when their employees resume office in January of 2013.

Boracay resorts to join the Fireworks Display, no permit yet

Resorts and or establishments in Boracay that will be joining the Fireworks Display are expected to acquire a permit today.

This is according to island Administrator Glenn Sacapano during yesterday’s interview, wherein he said that that no one has acquired a Mayor’s Permit yet.

They are however expected to rush into the Mayor’s Office today, a Friday and the last office day for this year.

The Fireworks Display in Boracay has become one of the tourists’ anticipated events and has been conducted annually with the coordination and cooperation of resorts and establishments in the island.

Every December 31st at 12 midnight these fireworks are lit simultaneously at the front beach.

Sacapano also explained that the display will be done on the waters or will be boarded on motorboats so that its litter and residue will not be left at the white sands.

This aims to protect the beach area as well as the public or the spectators to be out of harm’s way.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


If during the night before the government had a difficult time transporting evacuees to evacuation centers due to strong flood water current, by early Thursday morning, December 27, street flood water, rainfall, and strong water current flowing from the Aklan River, had gradually decreased.

Nevertheless, as of press time, there were still areas submerged in water according to Provincial DisasterRisk Reduction Management Council (PDRRMC)-Aklan Executive Officer, Galo Ibardolaza.
However, despite the presence of water on streets, streets were already passable for large vehicles.
Public transportation had been resumed especially for buses. On the other hand,  for small vehicles, there were only few passable streets and areas that were accessible.
Meanwhile, in a separate report, there is a possibility that a "Price Freeze" will be declared by the Department of Trade and Industry  (DTI) Aklan in the town of Kalibo because of last night’s flooding.
This was learned from DTI Aklan Director Diosdado Cadena in an interview.
According to Cadena, an official declaration is being awaited for Kalibo to be declared “Under the State of Calamity” from the Local Government of Kalibo.
If the town is declared under a State of Calamity, there will be no increase in the prices of basic commodities such as instant noodles, milk, candle, sardines, salt, and other canned goods, and the prices of such commodities will be monitored.
The Price Freeze will last for sixty (60) days, or until the LGU has not lifted its State of Calamity declaration.

Tourist arrivals in Boracay on Christmas season, spiked up

The number of tourist coming to Boracay for Christmas increased even more.

According to the Malay Tourism Office, this year’s tourist arrival is more than 20,000 higher with that of the previous year.

Their data showed that from December 1st to 24 of 2012 the arrivals already reached 60,000, which is much higher compared to 2011 with 40,000 recorded arrivals on the same date.

However even with the increasing number, all of these tourists have been accommodated.

Meanwhile the MTO is still expecting that this number will continue to spike up during the New Year.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


 The “Light Boracay a Christmas Star” event held by the Municipal Tourism Office on December 14 served as a bonding time for the 17 villages of Malay.

This was how the event was described by Malay Mayor John Yap.

Although, the event was held in Boracay and the lighting, displaying of “Parols” or Christmas Stars and other decorations was in Balabag, Boracay Island, all the village Chairmen of Malay attended, supported and also joined the “Parol making Contest.”

This allegedly delighted the Malay Mayor since the occasion wherein the Village Chairmen, the Town Councilmen of Malay, stakeholders, and the whole community getting together, is unusual since everyone is busy at work.

More so with the Mayor who was allegedly busy for Boracay, and on what the Mayor was busy on, assurance was given that everyone will benefit from it not only the island of Boracay.

Christmas in Boracay, generally peaceful

“Generally Peaceful”

This is the term that can describe the celebration of Christmas in Boracay this year.

According to the Boracay Tourist Assistance Center or BTAC, there been have no reports of serious crimes few days before Christmas.

If there is, it is mostly petty crimes such as drunken commotion and minor cases of theft.

In line with this, the authority still reminds the public to be aware and careful enough against robbers and burglars.

It added that, the people should make it a habit to secure any possible “entry points” for robbers in any household and establishments.

It is also very important for the public to stay alert, as thieves nowadays are wiser that they monitor the area beforehand prior to committing the crime.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Yapak bagged award as the “Cleanest and Organized” Barangay

Barangay Yapak took home the award as Malay’s “Cleanest and Organized” Barangay for 2012.

This is in line with the conducted contest b the Municipality of Malay which was spearheaded by the Municipal Tourism Office (MTO) and was a Beautification Program of the four Barangays which are the tourist’s direct destination.

This includes Brgy, Caticlan - which is the entry point of Boracay – Manoc-manoc, Balabag, and Yapak.

Yapak bagged the mentioned award and took home a 20,000 pesos cash prize.

While Yapak’s closest contender, Barangay Manoc-manoc landed on second place and received Php 15,000.

Caticlan came on 3rd with Php 10,000 and Balabag at 4th with 5,000 pesos.

The judges based on the preparations and results of the community’s cooperation in cleaning their areas as well as the decorations on the main road which would look desirable to tourists.

Meanwhile the MTO clarified that the judge’s criteria did not include or is separate from the also ongoing contest among the Zones/Seldas in Barangay Balabag saying they are only focusing on the main roads.

The result of this MTO contest was revealed during the LGU Malay’s Christmas Party held last December 22.

Monday, December 24, 2012


The call to action regarding the problem on garbage is being remedied with commitment.

According to Island Administrator, and current Solid Waste Management Manager, Glenn Sacapaño, the collection of garbage during midnight has been added so that garbage will not remain uncollected. Garbage trucks also start collecting garbage at four in the morning.

However, it is unavoidable that there are instances wherein some garbage in the streets remains uncollected by seven am due to the sheer volume of garbage to be collected.

Nevertheless, everything is allegedly done to prevent garbage becoming the cause of damage of Boracay.

Sacapaño admitted that their task is difficult at present especially that the number of people in Boracay is not decreasing, rather, it is increasing.

The increase in population and number of tourists is being pointed upon by the Administrator on the garbage problem since allegedly, the 1Million tourists arrival was expected to be reached by 2017 but it is only 2012 and the target has been surpassed.

According to the official, they will be focusing on the garbage collection problem in the year 2013.
Eighteen truckloads of garbage are collected daily.

Workers and or employees in Boracay, around 17,000

This year there are almost 17,000 workers and or employees in Boracay.

This is according to Malay Public employment Officer (PESO) Dennis Briones during an interview.

Briones said that they have a record of 12,000 employees from different establishments in the island.

And this does not include the construction workers and laborers.

If they however will be counted the number could reach up to 16,000.

Moreover, he said that the drivers which are more than 100 have yet to be added.

Meanwhile the X-ray examination for employees as a requirement for them to acquire a Health Certificate, particularly the front liners and food handlers, is targeted to be implemented in January.

If this will push through, thousands of people will need access to x-ray machines. It was learned that there’s only three of these in the Municipality of Malay, one in Boracay Hospital, one in a private Clinic, and another at the Baptist Hospital in Caticlan.