Monday, December 24, 2012

Workers and or employees in Boracay, around 17,000

This year there are almost 17,000 workers and or employees in Boracay.

This is according to Malay Public employment Officer (PESO) Dennis Briones during an interview.

Briones said that they have a record of 12,000 employees from different establishments in the island.

And this does not include the construction workers and laborers.

If they however will be counted the number could reach up to 16,000.

Moreover, he said that the drivers which are more than 100 have yet to be added.

Meanwhile the X-ray examination for employees as a requirement for them to acquire a Health Certificate, particularly the front liners and food handlers, is targeted to be implemented in January.

If this will push through, thousands of people will need access to x-ray machines. It was learned that there’s only three of these in the Municipality of Malay, one in Boracay Hospital, one in a private Clinic, and another at the Baptist Hospital in Caticlan.

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