Monday, December 24, 2012


The call to action regarding the problem on garbage is being remedied with commitment.

According to Island Administrator, and current Solid Waste Management Manager, Glenn Sacapaño, the collection of garbage during midnight has been added so that garbage will not remain uncollected. Garbage trucks also start collecting garbage at four in the morning.

However, it is unavoidable that there are instances wherein some garbage in the streets remains uncollected by seven am due to the sheer volume of garbage to be collected.

Nevertheless, everything is allegedly done to prevent garbage becoming the cause of damage of Boracay.

Sacapaño admitted that their task is difficult at present especially that the number of people in Boracay is not decreasing, rather, it is increasing.

The increase in population and number of tourists is being pointed upon by the Administrator on the garbage problem since allegedly, the 1Million tourists arrival was expected to be reached by 2017 but it is only 2012 and the target has been surpassed.

According to the official, they will be focusing on the garbage collection problem in the year 2013.
Eighteen truckloads of garbage are collected daily.

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