Saturday, March 1, 2014

LTO Aklan, admitted it lacks personnel resulting to its slowed down operation

Written by Jay-ar M. Arante

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) admitted that it is lacking personnel and this is the reason why their operation has slowed down.

According to LTO Aklan Clerk and Examiner Roy Conte, they still cannot add personnel since they are waiting for the mandate from the higher office of the LTO.

Conte also reiterated that most of the problems encountered are at the Cashier because they have only one cashier personnel.

He said that the addition of personnel is a decision from their Regional Office in the province of Iloilo.

Conte also added that he had noticed that their office was already too small since applicants for driver’s license had increased. This limitation is being considered as one of the problems that led to their slowed down operation.

It was learned that some applicants could not avoid getting annoyed and get angry because of the slow process especially in payment transactions.

Meanwhile, the LTO Kalibo is striving to render fast and orderly service to their customers at their workplace.

Translated/Edited by Rodel J. Abalus

BFP Boracay, reinforced its information and education campaign on the forthcoming Fire Prevention Month

Written by Jay-ar M. Arante

The information and education campaign this coming fire prevention month was strengthened by the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP).

According to Boracay Fire Inspector, Joseph Cadag, a motorcade will be held from the Cagban Jetty Port until Yapak Village on Saturday, March 1 in order to promote the importance of fire prevention or fire safety.

It was learned that the extensive information campaign of the BFP is just one of the activities scheduled in the month of March.

Also included in their campaign is to go from school to school in the island in order to inform students the possible causes of fire, what needs to be done and what should not be done if there is a fire.

It can be recalled that consecutive fire incidents took place in Boracay in the first two (2) months of 2014 which worried the BFP Boracay.

Meanwhile, the reinforced campaign on fire prevention is an all year round commitment of the local government of Malay and the BFP to guarantee that Malaynons and the Island of Boracay are safe from fire.

Translated/Edited by Rodel J. Abalus

MASBOI, bags awards in 2014 Iloilo Paraw Regatta Festival – 42nd Edition

Written by Gloria Villas

The Malay Association Sailing Boat Owner's Incorporated (MASBOI) has bagged awards in the just concluded 2014 Iloilo Paraw Regatta Festival – 42nd Edition.

“Jofman B3” was the hailed champion while “Naknak ni Gad” took home the 2nd place, Joecelen Prado’s Discovery was at 6th place, “Tinyurey” at 9th place and Ariel Lim’s “Transporter” was at 12th place.

According to MASBOI Chairperson Manny Casidsid, about 64 sailboats from around Panay participated in the said competition.

Casidsid added that the group’s 10 sailboats have undergone a serious training and preparation before taking on the contest last February 23, 2014 at Villa Beach Shoreline and Villa Festival Grandstand in Iloilo City.

It is their great joy, he said, that MASBOI took home the awards and honor to the Municipality of Malay, noting that the support from the Malay Tourism office and other organizations in the island didn’t go to waste.

The “Paraw Regatta” is the oldest sailing event in Asia, and is frequented by many tourists because of the colorful ‘paraws” or sail boats.

Translated by Shelah Casiano

BIR Aklan, clarifies Aetas are not tax exempted

Written by Gloria Villas

Aetas in Boracay are now asking if members of indigenous groups are exempted from paying the taxes, an inquiry which the Bureau of Internal Revenue has clarified.

According to BIR Aklan Revenue District Officer Eralen De Aro, as long as there is an income, Aetas are not exempted rather they are obliged to pay the required taxes to the BIR.

De Aro however said that there is still no provision if indigenous people are not included in paying the taxes.

Meanwhile, the Revenue Officer was grateful that the issue on the Aetas’ right to pay taxes has been opened.

She added that the bureau will be reviewing the ordinances that cover employees and other tax payers.

Translated by: Shelah Casiano

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tricycle drivers in Boracay, peppered with seminars but some are still disobedient

Written by Bert Dalida

 “We pay, but why is it they don’t let us take a ride?”

This was the question of a disappointed lady at the Yes FM News Center on Wednesday morning, February 26.

She was complaining about tricycle drivers that do not give young students a ride on the tricycle they are driving.

According to the lady, they had flagged down about five (5) tricycles in the span of more or less half an hour, however, tricycle drivers allegedly choose passengers.

The lady added she got worried that her children would be late for school.

Moreover, she appealed to tricycle drivers to do their obligation and not choose passengers.

Meanwhile, Boracay Land Transport Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BLTMPC) General Manager, Ryan Tubi admitted the practice of tricycle drivers.

In a text message, Tubi said tricycle drivers and even owners of tricycles had been peppered with seminars but some had not mended their ways.

According to Boracay PNP Chief PS Inspector, Mark Evan Salvo, the matter will be included in the briefing of policemen to be deployed at the Main Road so that such drivers will be reminded of their obligation.

Salvo also persuaded the public to bring such concerns about tricycle drivers who chose, or do not take passengers to their station for proper action.

Translated/Edited by Rodel J. Abalus

BTAC advises those planning to spend summer vacation in Boracay

Written by Gloria Villas

The Boracay Tourist Assistance Center (BTAC) advised those who are planning to spend their summer vacation in Boracay to be alert.

This is for them to avoid becoming a theft victim.

According to Boracay PNP Chief Mark Evan Salvo, vacationers are starting to flood Boracay and their number is expected to increase on the summer season.

With this, BTAC augmented the force and prepares for the activities of ill-intentioned individuals, particularly stealing.

Salvo added that the Boracay PNP will also deploy “secret tourism police” who will watch over crowded areas.

Aside from this the BTAC’s “Theft and Robbery” section is on high alert to deter any theft cases.

Meanwhile, Salvo reminds those who are stealing and are planning to steal in Boracay that there many dignified jobs rather than be involved in such crimes.

Translated by Shelah Casiano

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Boracay Solid Waste Action Team continues to clean the scattered seawall debris on the shore

Written by Alan Palma Sr.

The Boracay Solid Waste Action Team (BSWAT) is still busy in cleaning the scattered stones or debris from the demolished seawalls at the beach line of the island.

The stones are noticeable during low tide and these construction wastes are being collected and manually put into sacks in order to throw properly by the BSWAT.

This had been the system of BSWAT in accordance to the order of Boracay Chief Operating Officer Glenn SacapaƱo after it had been noticeable that waves wash away the debris during high tide.

Although the task force admitted that an appropriate solution was still needed for the problem, they said it was better that a solution was being made so that the debris could be cleaned so that they would not be obstructions to tourists.

Meanwhile, the Replenishment Program of the BRTF is being awaited so that the lower part of the shore especially at Station 1 will be filled using a vacuum that will siphon sand from the middle of the sea.

For the meantime, different recommendations from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and other agencies that had been given the mandate to fix Boracay, are being awaited.

Translated/Edited by Rodel J. Abalus

Though prohibited, sandcastles and sand lanterns in Boracay, popular among tourists

Written by Bert Dalida

Tourists in Boracay are fond of sandcastles and sand lanterns, although building them is prohibited.

In fact, the guests’ holiday vacation seemed incomplete if they cannot take pictures with what others call, another tourist attraction in the island.

Many of them are also “okay” with whatever amount of donations the children and teenagers, who are posing as the sand arts’ owners, are asking.

The authorities however are worried about the said activity’s popularity.

This is because, aside from it could alter the natural terrain of the shoreline the sand castles and lanterns are becoming an obstacle to those who are walking by or having a stroll.

Some tourists and vacationers on the other hand appreciates the sand arts that the children are making, adding that it displays their creativity.

The authorities’ end meanwhile, reminds of an equal penalty to those caught building sandcastles and sand lanterns, particularly those without permits.

Translated by Shelah Casiano

Support for the Ati Community of Boracay, will continue according to Aklan Gov. Miraflores

Written by Jay-ar M. Arante

The Aklan Provincial Government will continue to support the Ati Community in the Island of Boracay.

This was the statement of Governor Florencio Miraflores in the commemoration of the 1st anniversary of the slaying of Ati Spokesperson, Dexter Condez on Saturday, February 22.

According to Miraflores, they support the ongoing struggle of the Ati Community of Boracay and the plans that the Atis want to happen to their community, especially that he had already seen different agencies from the government make moves too.

Meanwhile, the governor also thanked the Architect who made what he called the beautiful plan for the homes of the native Atis of the island.

Miraflores said it will be likely that the residence of the Atis will become a tourist destination but that their culture should be preserved.

On the other hand, representatives of different agencies of the government and authorities including the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), and the Philippine National Poilice (PNP) Region 6 headed by Chief Supt.

Josephus Angan attended the commemoration of the death anniversary of Condez held at the Ati Village, Sitio Lugutan, Manoc-Manoc.

DILG Undersecretary Austere Panadero also formally thanked those who guided and helped fight for the rights of the Atis in Boracay especially the Daughters of Charity which has been supporting the Boracay Atis.

Translated/Edited by Rodel J. Abalus