Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Though prohibited, sandcastles and sand lanterns in Boracay, popular among tourists

Written by Bert Dalida

Tourists in Boracay are fond of sandcastles and sand lanterns, although building them is prohibited.

In fact, the guests’ holiday vacation seemed incomplete if they cannot take pictures with what others call, another tourist attraction in the island.

Many of them are also “okay” with whatever amount of donations the children and teenagers, who are posing as the sand arts’ owners, are asking.

The authorities however are worried about the said activity’s popularity.

This is because, aside from it could alter the natural terrain of the shoreline the sand castles and lanterns are becoming an obstacle to those who are walking by or having a stroll.

Some tourists and vacationers on the other hand appreciates the sand arts that the children are making, adding that it displays their creativity.

The authorities’ end meanwhile, reminds of an equal penalty to those caught building sandcastles and sand lanterns, particularly those without permits.

Translated by Shelah Casiano

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