Saturday, April 20, 2013

Docking of motorboats at Boracay beach front, no longer a problem for the Coastguard

The Boracay Coast Guard is not having any problems anymore with motorboats docking at the front beaches of Boracay.

This is because the operators or captains of the motorboats have been educated and now are adhering to the ordinance of the Municipality.

They are abiding by the rules on where and how they should dock their crafts.

According to Boracay Coastguard PO 2nd Condito Alvarez, on their recent observation and monitoring of the beach line, they haven’t seen any motorboats that were on the swimming areas.

All of the boats are moored at the designated spot provided to them by the local government, which are in Stations 1 and 3 and are also the loading and unloading area.

This positive outcome is a result of a number of dialogues between the coastguard and the captains and boatmen of the Island Hopping Association and even the sailboats.

Friday, April 19, 2013


There is sufficient electricity supply for the whole Panay.

This was the statement of Engr. Joel Martinez the AGM for Engineering of Aklan Electric Cooperative (Akelco). 

Martinez gave the statement at the hearing called upon by the Committee of Public Utilities of the Town Council of Malay.

It was learned that Akelco has several sources of electricity.

Currently, there is a surplus in the supply of electricity for Panay which has a total demand of 263 Megawatts (MW). This is contrary to what Negros and Cebu are experiencing wherein the two areas already have possible problem on supply due to demand.

According to Rodson Mayor Jr., the Operations Mgr. of Akelco, there is a supply of 30 MW set for Boracay even though it only consumes 21 MW based on Akelco’s data.

In addition, it is possible that the electric supply for Boracay Island might become insufficient but this might only happen by 2016.

The meeting was called for by the Town Council since it is worried, together with some stake holders that the current insufficient electricity supply in Mindanao might also happen in Boracay and might affect the Tourism Industry in Boracay Island.

Crisis Intervention Unit in Boracay, ready for use

The Crisis Intervention Unit or CIU in Boracay will be open 24/7.

This followed after Malay Municipal Social Development Welfare Officer Magdalena Prado formally presented the official opening of the CIU at the Boracay Action Center.

It can now be used a s a shelter of those who are in need of assistance and has no place to stay in while the MSWD is working on how they can be returned to their families, or have a certain individual, entrusted to them,  turned over to the appropriate authority.

According to Prado the CIU have guards on shifts to ensure that the shelter is not left unattended.

The Officer added they also have a fund set aside for food for the unit’s residents.

Meanwhile, this is also an answer to the problem of the Police Force, as they now have a certain place to turn over the children caught for violating regulations.

Previously, aside from minors who were apprehended due to violations of the curfew, there are also some children in Boracay who were involved in crimes.

Some are victims of violence while others are separated from their parents and were left to the care of the Social Worker.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

SB Members of Malay will resume session after elections

Re-electionist members of the Municipal Council of Malay will have enough time for campaign.

This is because the council will resume their session after the elections, where they will attend to the remaining days of service for the 2010-2013-term which will end in June.

This followed after the SB Secretariat requested for a break as they are busy preparing for the coming Malay Municipal Fiesta, which will commence on April 30 and will highlight on May 1st.

For the supposedly remaining 3 regular sessions before the election, 2 of which will be set by the SB Secretariat for the preparation of the Fiesta.

The other remaining session is just a week before the 2013 mid-term polls.

That is why the SB straightforwardly stated that they cannot give actions to the resolutions that are on their agenda, and that they will work on it when they return after the May 13, 2013 elections.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


The number of garbage containers at the beach front of Boracay will be increased.

This was confirmed by Boracay Island Administrator, Glenn Sacapano in an interview by Yes FM 911 on Thursday, April 11.

Aside from being permanent, the twenty five (25) garbage containers put in place at the front beach during the Holy Week will soon be increased.

According to Sacapano, an activity will be launched in May related to a clean up in the whole island.

He added that the current 25 garbage containers is part the total of ninety (90) garbage containers.

Only 25 of the total are currently being used allegedly because the Island Administration Office is experiencing difficulty in monitoring the garbage containers because of unruly kids who get garbage form the containers.

The Administrator also said that establishments at the beach front should help in guarding the containers to prevent the containers from being destroyed and their content strewn all over.

Sacapano further added that the Local Government of Malay will slowly make the importance of the garbage containers be known.

Malaynon indigents, possibly, can acquire free services in Provincial Hospital

Less fortunate Malaynons will no longer feel they were being held like a “hostage” in the Provincial Hospital.

This is if the agreement between the Local Government of Malay and Dr. Rafael S. Tumbukon Memorial Hospital in Kalibo will be achieved.

At this time, the Malay Municipal Council is in the process to give Malay Mayor John Yap an authorization to get into an agreement with the mentioned hospital in order for Malay indigents to acquire free services.

SB Member Rowen Aguirre in his Committee Report during yesterday’s session said, if granted, included in the agreement, is that the LGU will finance the hospitalization  of Malaynons who doesn’t have the means to pay.

This however has its limitation, such as the patient cannot overstay in the hospital when they have already recovered.

The LGU must also give 300,000 pesos as a deposit in exchange for free hospital services for Malay and Boracay indigents.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The scene where a debate happens in a day between some Aklanons with a checker at the Cagban and Caticlan Jetty Ports is not totally gone.

This was admitted by the management of the two ports.

Because of the said scenario, the ownership of an ID Card, given by Aklan to Aklanons and workers of Boracay, and the ability to speak well in Aklanon are considered passes to be exempted from Environmental and Terminal Fee.

According to Special Operations Officer III of Caticlan Port, Jean Puntero, although these conditions have long been implemented, it is only recently that they have become strict on its implementation.

Puntero added that in order to avoid delay, cooperation is needed.

Complaints against tricycle drivers in Boracay, welcomed by LGU

There are those who have grown tired of repeatedly complaining at the Boracay Transport Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BLTMPC) on the service of tricycles in Boracay.

If you are one of them, then the Transportation office of Malay has an advice for you.

The public can now reach out or raise their complaints at the Office of the Island Administrator and the Municipal Transportation Office itself, said Transportation Officer, Cezar oczon.

Through the mentioned offices, the LGU is now welcoming such complaints, which they will in turn present to the Chief Executive for actions.

According to Oczon, the Chief Executive can send a notice to the BLTMPC to give a disciplinary action to the driver in question.

The Mayor can also notify the MAP to apprehend those drivers who are choosing their passengers and are committing other violations against the public they are giving their service to.

Meanwhile, amidst the issue of tricycle shortage in Boracay, Oczon said that the LGU has no plan of cancelling the color coding scheme yet, adding that the e-trikes are soon to arrive.

He also noted that if they allow all the tricycles to operate, then the island will for sure experience another heavy traffic.

Monday, April 15, 2013


The visit of Department of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima to their community on Friday morning delighted the Atis at the zone of Lugutan, Manoc Manoc Village Boracay. 

The purpose of De Lima’s visit was to inquire about the death of Ati Spokesperson Dexter Condez and the status of the land where the houses of the Atis are situated.

On Delima’s opening statement, she said the case of Condez was currently on preliminary investigation.

She explained that a hearing would be conducted by Fiscals if the death of Condez had a probable cause, from there it would be known if there was a crime and who should be held accountable.

She added that if things would be known or proven during the investigation, a case would be filed in court.

According to Delima, the process would be put on fast tract, adding that the case of Condez was soon to be resolved.

A dialogue also occurred between De Lima and the Atis during her visit, wherein the Atis voiced out their sentiments on those who had responsibility on the death of Condez, and even their sentiments on the Local Government Unit of Malay.

On the issue on land, De Lima said it was already at court and their department would just coordinate with the Regional Trial Court of Kalibo.

In addition during this week, she said she would instruct the prosecutors to pass a resolution to speed up the case of Condez for the case to be resolved early.

De Lima arrived in the island of Boracay together with Prosecuting Attorneys on April 12.