Friday, April 19, 2013

Crisis Intervention Unit in Boracay, ready for use

The Crisis Intervention Unit or CIU in Boracay will be open 24/7.

This followed after Malay Municipal Social Development Welfare Officer Magdalena Prado formally presented the official opening of the CIU at the Boracay Action Center.

It can now be used a s a shelter of those who are in need of assistance and has no place to stay in while the MSWD is working on how they can be returned to their families, or have a certain individual, entrusted to them,  turned over to the appropriate authority.

According to Prado the CIU have guards on shifts to ensure that the shelter is not left unattended.

The Officer added they also have a fund set aside for food for the unit’s residents.

Meanwhile, this is also an answer to the problem of the Police Force, as they now have a certain place to turn over the children caught for violating regulations.

Previously, aside from minors who were apprehended due to violations of the curfew, there are also some children in Boracay who were involved in crimes.

Some are victims of violence while others are separated from their parents and were left to the care of the Social Worker.

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