Wednesday, April 17, 2013


The number of garbage containers at the beach front of Boracay will be increased.

This was confirmed by Boracay Island Administrator, Glenn Sacapano in an interview by Yes FM 911 on Thursday, April 11.

Aside from being permanent, the twenty five (25) garbage containers put in place at the front beach during the Holy Week will soon be increased.

According to Sacapano, an activity will be launched in May related to a clean up in the whole island.

He added that the current 25 garbage containers is part the total of ninety (90) garbage containers.

Only 25 of the total are currently being used allegedly because the Island Administration Office is experiencing difficulty in monitoring the garbage containers because of unruly kids who get garbage form the containers.

The Administrator also said that establishments at the beach front should help in guarding the containers to prevent the containers from being destroyed and their content strewn all over.

Sacapano further added that the Local Government of Malay will slowly make the importance of the garbage containers be known.

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