Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Malaynon indigents, possibly, can acquire free services in Provincial Hospital

Less fortunate Malaynons will no longer feel they were being held like a “hostage” in the Provincial Hospital.

This is if the agreement between the Local Government of Malay and Dr. Rafael S. Tumbukon Memorial Hospital in Kalibo will be achieved.

At this time, the Malay Municipal Council is in the process to give Malay Mayor John Yap an authorization to get into an agreement with the mentioned hospital in order for Malay indigents to acquire free services.

SB Member Rowen Aguirre in his Committee Report during yesterday’s session said, if granted, included in the agreement, is that the LGU will finance the hospitalization  of Malaynons who doesn’t have the means to pay.

This however has its limitation, such as the patient cannot overstay in the hospital when they have already recovered.

The LGU must also give 300,000 pesos as a deposit in exchange for free hospital services for Malay and Boracay indigents.

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