Saturday, April 20, 2013

Docking of motorboats at Boracay beach front, no longer a problem for the Coastguard

The Boracay Coast Guard is not having any problems anymore with motorboats docking at the front beaches of Boracay.

This is because the operators or captains of the motorboats have been educated and now are adhering to the ordinance of the Municipality.

They are abiding by the rules on where and how they should dock their crafts.

According to Boracay Coastguard PO 2nd Condito Alvarez, on their recent observation and monitoring of the beach line, they haven’t seen any motorboats that were on the swimming areas.

All of the boats are moored at the designated spot provided to them by the local government, which are in Stations 1 and 3 and are also the loading and unloading area.

This positive outcome is a result of a number of dialogues between the coastguard and the captains and boatmen of the Island Hopping Association and even the sailboats.

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