Thursday, April 18, 2013

SB Members of Malay will resume session after elections

Re-electionist members of the Municipal Council of Malay will have enough time for campaign.

This is because the council will resume their session after the elections, where they will attend to the remaining days of service for the 2010-2013-term which will end in June.

This followed after the SB Secretariat requested for a break as they are busy preparing for the coming Malay Municipal Fiesta, which will commence on April 30 and will highlight on May 1st.

For the supposedly remaining 3 regular sessions before the election, 2 of which will be set by the SB Secretariat for the preparation of the Fiesta.

The other remaining session is just a week before the 2013 mid-term polls.

That is why the SB straightforwardly stated that they cannot give actions to the resolutions that are on their agenda, and that they will work on it when they return after the May 13, 2013 elections.

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