Saturday, April 13, 2013

Problem regarding children rummaging through garbage in Boracay, dealt with by the LGU and DSWD

The Local Government of Malay has now given action to a problem regarding children digging out trash in Boracay.

Together with the DSWD, the LGU seized the said children along with their parents.

In an interview with Yes FM Boracay, Boracay Administrator Glenn Sacapaño said, that this has in fact been recorded at the DSWD’s helpdesk.

He added that the agency did not fall short in explaining their job in apprehending them.

Sacapaño said that these children are indeed causing trouble, because after getting what can be used they just leave the trash littering about.

He also noted how the parents would stress out what will become of them if they will be arrested, a matter which they entrust to the DSWD to give disposition to.

Meanwhile, the Island Administrator call upon the establishments, particularly at the beach front, to reprimand these children, as their action causes the island sime trouble.

In the past week, Sacapaño has stated that they will be apprehending children and their parents, involved in this kind of problem in Boracay.

Friday, April 12, 2013


The Local Government Unit of Malay should answer and act on the complaints and queries related to Boracay.

This is because the LGU of Malay has the higher responsibility and is making bigger decisions when it is about Boracay compared to the role of the Department of Tourism (DoT).

Allegedly, the role of the DoT Boracay, even if the island is classified as a Tourism Zone, is the giving of Accreditations to establishments, and the marketing and promotion of Boracay to tourists.

According to Boracay DoT Officer-In-Charge Tim Ticar, the right to manage had been passed to the island not like in the past. Consequently, the LGU of Malay has the “Last Say.”

Nevertheless, Ticar added that there is a proposed law related to the matter specifically the Republic Act 9593 wherein the authority of the DoT on places like Boracay will be increased when the proposed law has been approved and implemented.

However, Ticar added that DoT still also accepts complaints but problems on Boracay should be referred to the Malay LGU.  

On complaints on problems related to high prices of commodities, matters could be referred to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

On problems on governance - to the DILG.
On the environment - to the DENR, and to other departments of the government depending on the query or complaint.
On tricycles or fares on tricycles - to the Town Council which give franchise to tricycles.

Ticar explained that, even if Boracay is in a Tourism Zone, the different departments of the Local and National government have their own responsibilities and that the DoT cannot reply to all the concerns.

The statement of Ticar is the answer to the question often asked by individuals and other sectors of Boracay, and the question is related to the many problems experienced in the island. 

Malay, sets aside Php300,000 for Malaynons on summer jobs

There are over 100 Malaynon students that are on summer jobs in the Municipality’s Local Government Units this year.

However, these students could only receive their pay if they have already enrolled, said Malay Public Employment Service Office or PESO Officer Dennis Briones.

This is because, it is one of the requisites that the government will be requiring as a proof that they really are going to attend school.

This program of the LGU and the Department of Labor aims to help these students to earn as assistance for their studying expenses.

For this year, said Briones, the students receives Php277.00 per day for a 20-day working period which was started last March 25 and will end on April 24, 2013.

The LGU has set aside 300.000 pesos for their salaries, and some from DOLE.

These students were distributed in different departments of the LGU in the Municipality of Malay.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


For stakeholders in Boracay to be compliant-that is the yearning that Malay Municipal Planning Officer Alma Beliherdo would like to get across.

The message is in relation to the non compliance of some stakeholders to the ordinances that are being implemented in the island.

In particular, Beliherdo talked about the 60-40 requirement of the Municipality on developments to be made or on the putting up of establishments in the island.

The 60-40 requirement under the ordinance,  according to the Planning Officer, means there is sixty (60%) percent development density for the whole property or land area, while the remaining forty (40%) percent is for open space.

Allegedly, during the submission of plans by the stakeholders to the Municipal Planning Office, the submitted plans of some stakeholders are satisfactory.

However, Beliherdo said that the mandate is not being followed.

She added that adding to the difficulty is that the monitoring of the Municipality is not functional that is why there are those who do not comply.

Beliherdo expressed these matters during a recent public hearing on the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) for Malay and Boracay.

She hoped that not only the small but even the big developers and investors in Boracay would comply.

Even with a new governor, projects in Aklan, will carry on

The projects of the Aklan Provincial Government will continue even as the province will be having a new governor.

This is what Governor Carlito Marquez has said during an interview yesterday.

Marquez is confident that the plans and or projects are supported and endorsed by the local government units.

One example is the reclamation in Caticlan which is already being endorsed by the Municipal Council.

This is the reason he is not worried, he believes this will push through even under a new administration.

Meanwhile, Marquez extended his gratitude to the Malaynons, especially to those who have supported his 9 years of service in the office.

Gov. Marquez’s term will be expiring this June alongside the appointment of the newly elected officials in the province for the May 13 elections.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


It had been announced that based on the 2012 Financial Report  of the Local Government  Unit (LGU) of Malay, the town’s financial status is “Very Good.”

This is despite the existence of a plan by the LGU of Malay to apply for a loan to repay the balance to the contractor which made the Municipal Land Fill.

 In the report of Town Council Member Rowen Aguirre to his fellow Councilmen during the Council’s regular session on Tuesday, April 02, he said that the status of Malay is very healthy based on the Malay Municipal Accountant if financial status is the topic.

Allegedly, in the closing of the year 2012, Malay had excess funds of P196Million.

In addition, according to the Financial Report of the LGU of Malay, the whole asset of Malay increased by more than twenty four (24%) percent in  2012 if compared with 2011.

In 2011, the town’s asset was at P329 Million, but it increased before the end of 2012 and reached P408.4 Million.

To avoid fires, old wirings must be changed, said BFP Boracay

In order to avoid fires, it is encouraged that old wirings should be replaced with new ones.

Cablings in and out of the households and establishments must be changed particularly if they have been used for a decade.

This is one of the usual causes of fire incidents, where in the old wirings trigger the insulators to burst, said FO3 Franklin Arubang of the Bureau of fire Protection or BFP Boracay.

Arubang also advised the public to have their lines inspected by licensed electricians before adding or loading more facilities.

This is because over loading causes further problems.

This statement by the Fire Officer followed after fire incidents on the island, especially in Metro Manila has increased.

Some of these incidents started off from a simple spark on electrical linings, aggravated by the temperature of the summer season. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Electrical fire is often the reason why electrical posts get burned in Boracay.

According to FO3 Franklin Arubang of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) Boracay, electrical posts getting burned stems from the practice that aside from the lines or wirings of Akelco, telephone lines and cable wires are also connected to just one electrical post.

Arubang expressed concern that establishments and households could be affected. However, the BFP Boracay is allegedly thankful that this has not been the case as of press time.

Nevertheless, the matter has allegedly made the BFP Boracay plan to write Akelco so that the lines will be fixed.

On Akelco’s side, it is allegedly important for those who would like to add or connect a line to a post to first send a notice to their office. This is to prevent additional problems related to the current problem.

According to Akelco Boracay Engr. Wyane Bucala, a drop wire and load or additional line from a post going to a residence or establishment is the cause of fire when a leakage occurs and a line gets in contact with other lines.

Bucala added that most of the mentioned scenarios happen during summer season but that it does not happen often.

It can be recalled that within just the previous week, incidents occurred wherein electrical posts caught fire and electrical cables got burned in Boracay. This has caused concern since it could cause fire on establishments and households especially that the weather is hot.

Monday, April 8, 2013


A proposal to increase the share of the LGU Malay from the Terminal Fee is being forwarded by Town Council Member Welbic Gelito.

Before becoming a Vice Mayor for Malay, Gelito is moving forward the proposal that the share of the LGU from the Terminal Fee being collected by the provincial government from the Caticlan and Cagban Jetty Ports be increased to twenty percent (20 %).

According to Gelito, it is about time that the share given to Malay be increased, since even before, the town had been helping in the improvements made at the Jetty Ports.

Aside from this, the Councilman said that the Governor of Aklan had allegedly said that the collected terminal fee will be given back to Boracay in the form of a project.

Because of the mentioned reasons, the proposal will allegedly be included in the agenda in the next Town Council Session even before the May elections.

Gelito is a current Councilman of Malay who will run for the position of Vice Mayor in the May elections but without an opposition.