Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Electrical fire is often the reason why electrical posts get burned in Boracay.

According to FO3 Franklin Arubang of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) Boracay, electrical posts getting burned stems from the practice that aside from the lines or wirings of Akelco, telephone lines and cable wires are also connected to just one electrical post.

Arubang expressed concern that establishments and households could be affected. However, the BFP Boracay is allegedly thankful that this has not been the case as of press time.

Nevertheless, the matter has allegedly made the BFP Boracay plan to write Akelco so that the lines will be fixed.

On Akelco’s side, it is allegedly important for those who would like to add or connect a line to a post to first send a notice to their office. This is to prevent additional problems related to the current problem.

According to Akelco Boracay Engr. Wyane Bucala, a drop wire and load or additional line from a post going to a residence or establishment is the cause of fire when a leakage occurs and a line gets in contact with other lines.

Bucala added that most of the mentioned scenarios happen during summer season but that it does not happen often.

It can be recalled that within just the previous week, incidents occurred wherein electrical posts caught fire and electrical cables got burned in Boracay. This has caused concern since it could cause fire on establishments and households especially that the weather is hot.

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