Wednesday, April 10, 2013

To avoid fires, old wirings must be changed, said BFP Boracay

In order to avoid fires, it is encouraged that old wirings should be replaced with new ones.

Cablings in and out of the households and establishments must be changed particularly if they have been used for a decade.

This is one of the usual causes of fire incidents, where in the old wirings trigger the insulators to burst, said FO3 Franklin Arubang of the Bureau of fire Protection or BFP Boracay.

Arubang also advised the public to have their lines inspected by licensed electricians before adding or loading more facilities.

This is because over loading causes further problems.

This statement by the Fire Officer followed after fire incidents on the island, especially in Metro Manila has increased.

Some of these incidents started off from a simple spark on electrical linings, aggravated by the temperature of the summer season. 

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