Friday, June 20, 2014

Formation of Aklan Council for the ASEAN Integration 2015, now on its 3rd and Final Reading of SP Aklan

Posted June 20, 2014
Written by Gloria Villas

The formation of Aklan Council for the ASEAN Integration 2015 is now on its 3rd and Final Reading of SP Aklan.

In the 20th SP Regular Session, its author SP Member Plaridel Morania again explained the impact of ASEAN Integration which according to him will result into better products, industry development, standard Education and higher level of skills.

He said “the public needs to be aware of the process of ASEAN integration in 2015 because they benefit from it eventually.”

Meanwhile, Morania also said that the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) through its investment promotion arm, Board of Investment (BOI), constantly conducts a forum together with the other government agencies.

This is among the forum’s objectives to give the public and other stockholders an update regarding the Industry Development Road Maps.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will form a unified body next year.

Philippine Coastguard Caticlan will have a mobile monitoring this coming feast of St. John De Baptist.

Posted June 20, 2014
Written by Jay-ar M. Arante

The Philippine Coastguard Caticlan will have a mobile monitoring this coming feast of St. John De Baptist.

According to Chief Petty Officer Alex B. Saho of PCG Caticlan, they are going to start their mobile monitoring in all coasts in Tangalan up to the town of Buruanga ride their motorbanca.

Also they will coordinate with the auxiliary to accompany them for the proposed monitoring.

He added, that they do this every year to be able to monitor the safety of all those who swim in the sea most especially that we were experiencing the southwest monsoon.

He also said that although not too many people are going to Boracay Island during San Juan, they also said they still assign people and guard at the beach area.

The festival of San Juan de Bautista is a Filipino tradition where it is believed to symbolize the baptism of Christians.

Meanwhile, Phil. Coast Guard also warmed beach goers especially the non-swimmers to take extra cautions.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Consumers lament price increase of garlic

Posted June 19, 2014
Written by Jay-ar M. Arante

Consumers in the province of Aklan are affected of garlic price hike in the country.

Asst. Provincial Agriculturist Salomi David of Department of Agriculture Aklan said that garlic has reached P300.00 per kilo in the province, and is expected to further increase.

David also said that supply of garlic in Aklan is being imported from Manila, thus affecting its retail price.

David on the other hand added that ongoing weekly monitoring is being made not only for garlic but also for other products.

MalacaƱang has appealed to the public to bear with the price hikes for they cannot control this due to market forces’ dictate.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The overflowing drainage system in Boracay, needs to be resolved according to SB Bautista

Posted June 18, 2014
Written by Jay-ar M. Arante

The overflowing drainage system on the island of Boracay needs to be resolved.

This is what SB Member Floribar Bautista said during the SB Session in Malay conducted yesterday morning.

According to him, it is not good in the eyes of the tourists especially the overflowing and stinking water in that drainage.

On the other hand, Barangay League President Abram Sualog, said that they already contacted the Boracay Island Water Company (BIWC) regarding the overflowing drainage system in Brgy. Manoc-Manoc.

Meanwhile Floribar added that not only the drainage system in Boracay is the problem but also the waste left scattered on the road that sometimes remain uncollected by garbage disposal units.

MHO, reminds masseuse in Boracay to get the Licensure Exam

Posted June 18, 2014
Written by Gloria Villas

Malay Health Office (MHO) reminds the Massage Therapists in Malay especially in Boracay to get the Licensure Examination.

According to Sanitation Inspector III Babylyn Frondoza of MHO, it was also stated in Memorandum Order 312 Series of 2012 that all masseuse must have a license.

“Such memorandum is along with the program of Department of Health (DOH) to regulate massage therapists and for their protection as well.” She said.

Meanwhile, Frondoza added that the Office of Local Government Unit (LGU) Malay is also open for massage therapists who want to acquire training and update their license.

Although, Massage Therapist Licensure Examination might be considered as challenging for masseuse, DOH said that “it is also a good opportunity for them to organize their profession.

Vice mayor Gelito favor in Putting of Electronic Information in Caticlan Jetty port

Posted June 18, 2014
Written by Jay-ar M. Arante

Vice mayor Wilbec Gelito of Malay is in favor of putting an Electronic Information Billboard in Caticlan Jetty Port.

This is connection with the plan of Jetty Port Administrator Nieven Maquirang wherein he wants to put here the Dos and Don’ts in the island of Boracay including the Advisory, Schedule of Activities and also the Schedules of Flights for the entire tourist who come to Boracay.

According to a text message of Gelito, he said that the plan of Maquirang was good because it helps to reduce the numerous tarpaulins and ads in Jetty Port.

He added that it is needed to include the tourist attractions in the town of Malay at the province of Aklan.

For now the Local Government of Malay and the Provincial Government of Aklan is need to discuss this matter.

Meanwhile, the Jetty Port Administration is also changing all the commercial billboards wherein they need to include on the ads those reminders for the island of Boracay.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Some passengers disappointed of slow docking of boats in Tambisaan and Tabon port

Posted June 17, 2014
Written by Jay-ar  M. Arante

Some passengers are disappointed about the slow docking of boats in both Tambisaan and Tabon ports due to low tide and the ports' sizes.

It takes almost a few minutes because arriving boats first need to wait for other boats to leave before they can finally dock.

Some of the dismayed are people working in the Island of Boracay and those who are in a rush.

Some passengers are hoping for the widening of the ports to avoid delays especially for tourists who are on scheduled flights.

Boat trips have been transferred to the Tambisaan and Tabon ports due to prevalent southwest monsoons.

Meanwhile, Caticlan and Cagban Jetty Ports are still operational; however, only fast crafts are allowed to travel between these ports due to moderate to rough sea conditions.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sand bagging, insisted by some establishment owners in Station 1 Boracay

Posted June 16, 2014
Written by Bert Dalida

Establishment owners from Station 1 Boracay now insisted sand bagging to protect their beach front property in the island.

Relatively, this is because of various chunk of sea wall that has been  buried in the long beach at Station 1 and come up due to sand erosion caused by Southwest Monsoon.

According to Nicky Villaruel of Blue Lily Hotel, the Boracay Redevelopment Task Force (BRTF) does not have a concrete plan yet in preparation for Habagat Season in the island.

Nevertheless, Villaruel admitted that it is prohibited to have a sand bagging but she insisted that it is needed in order to protect their properties.

“We are willing to be of assistance with the BRTF for the betterment of the island.” She added.

Meanwhile, it is noted that there are five establishments in Station 1 Boracay going to Boracay Rock (Grotto) area who make sand bagging even if it is proscribed by the BRTF.

However, Boracay Solid Waste Action Team (BSWAT) is now busy in their concentrated effort to clean the chunk of sea wall in the beach front.

Translated by Gloria Villas