Friday, May 25, 2012

The Five Day Brigada Eskwela in Aklan was a Success and Its Formal Opening a Big Honor

The five day Brigada Eskwela for the year 2012 was successful and the formal opening of the Brigada Eskwela for Region Six being held in Aklan is considered as a big honor.

This was according to Department of Education (Dep. Ed) Aklan Division Superintendent Jesse Gomez.

The formal opening of Brigada Eskwela for Region Six on May 21st, attended and headed by Dep. Ed Assistant Amando Ruiz, was held at the Kalibo Integrated Special Education Center.

The formal opening for the program was held in Kalibo for the launching of the program since the Kalibo Integrated Special Education Center was awarded the “Hall of Fame Award” for Brigada Eskwela in the whole country in 2011.

The success of the Brigada Eskwela for the year 2012 was made possible through the cooperation of parents, students, local government and national agencies who worked together to ensure that the schools will be ready for the opening of classes on the 5th of June.

Transportation Moratorium: To be Implemented

The local government of Malay has released another moratorium for the Island of Boracay.

Two months after Malay Mayor John Yap has directed the implementation of Task Force Moratorium, another moratorium which applies to all types of vehicles or transportations entering Boracay, is to take effect on June 1.

This is based on Memorandum Order 013 of the Mayor's Office.

Because of this, all types of vehicles that is to enter the island, may it be 2 3 or 4 wheelers will be suspended until December 30 of this year.

According to Cezar Oczon, Transportation Officer of Malay, because of the said moratorium, the issuance of permit to Transport for any types of vehicles, both private and public, will also be temporarily suspended.

In line with this, come June 1, any new applicants requesting for a permit to transport will not be accepted.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

TIEZA to Attend the Town Council’s Session on the Drainage System Problem in Boracay

The presence of a high ranking official of the Tourism Infrastructure Zone Authority (TIEZA) is expected by the Town Council of Malay in the next Town Council Session.

The high ranking official is anticipated to answer all the questions related to the Drainage System problem in Boracay.

TIEZA General Manager Mark Lapid has sent a letter to the Town Council to re-schedule his attendance at the session to June 5th. The original date for his attendance at the Council Session upon the invitation of the Town Council was set for May 22nd. Allegedly, Lapid had a commitment on the said date hence was unable to attend.

The aim of the invitation of the Town Council is to ask directly the Manager of TIEZA when the fixing of the long time Drainage System problem of Boracay will be started.

There had been invitations for TIEZA in the past. Representatives where sent who gave limited answers to the Council’s questions especially on when the project would be started. This was due to the reason that the representatives were not in the position to decide.

Hotels and resorts in Boracay, obliged to have their own lifeguards.

If you are to apply a job in a resort or hotel in Boracay you could take pride if you were chosen to be a rescuer or a life guard.

This is if the memorandum which requires hotel and resorts to have their own trained life guard will be implemented.

This is in line with the Philippine Coastguard’s memorandum circular.

Through the public consultation that the coastguard had, Coastguard Caticlan Detachment Commander Terrence Alsosa said one of the things the circular contains is the obligation of hotels and resorts to have a lifeguard in their establishments.

Particularly those with swimming pools.         
These establishments will also be obliged to have their personnel to undergo rescue training course, in connection with rescuing guest's lives and properties.

Meanwhile aside from resorts with swimming pools, also in attendance at the public consultation were sea sports operators and others with similar operations.

The said memorandum circular shall be implemented on the island if it will be approved at the earliest.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Task Force for Boracay-Formed and Ready

A Task Force Moratorium has been organized in Boracay by the current Local Government of Malay.

With this development, the Mayor of Malay, Mayor John Yap hoped that everyone could help especially the members of the Task Force to make the public aware that the program to watch over for illegal activities to protect and sustain what Boracay is, for the future generation, was ready.

This was announced by the Mayor during a meeting held on May twenty first. Uniforms were also given to the members of the Task Force during the meeting.  

It is expected that a Command Center will be created.  The Command Center is where the gathered problems of the island will be forwarded. These problems are the problems noticed from the three Barangays of Boracay based on the gathered information by the members who were assigned to their particular areas of responsibility.

The duration of the task Force Moratorium is from March 30th, 2012 until April 1st, 2013.

The Task Force is headed by the Local Government of Malay and its members include members of the Philippine National Police, Coast Guard, Army, National Agencies, Brgy. Officials and Brgy. Tanods among others.

Philippine Coastguard called for a Public Consultation for Resorts and Diving schools in Boracay

For the safety of Public lives and properties, a public consultation has been called for by the Philippine coastguard for resorts, hotels, and diving schools in Boracay on Tuesday.

According to Caticlan Coastguard Detachment Commander Terrence Alsosa, the said meeting's aim is to remind the hotel, resorts and other establishments in the island about their responsibility as well as to provide them with proper pool guidelines. This is through the proposed memorandum circular of the head quarters of the Philippines Coastguard.

One of the topics in the said guidelines is the establishment's availability of a trained lifeguard who would immediately respond to any untoward incidents relating to pool activities and sea sports operation.

If this proposition be approved this would be immediately implemented in the island.

Meanwhile, the coastguard is anticipating to be preoccupied in rendering trainings to the establishments with the same line of operations.

The public consultation received a positive response from its participants.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Found & Recovered: Bodies of the One Who Fell and the Two Who Jumped After to Save

The body of the young kid who fell from Starlight a Roll-on/roll off (RORO) ship and the two who jumped after to save the young kid had been found separately.

The body of twenty three year old Joanna Marie Realizo Tubunggan was seen floating and recovered near the shore of Brgy. Sumagui Bansud Oriental Mindoro. Her body was seen almost two hundred meters away from the shore. This was according to Lt. Cmdr. Terence Alsosa, Station Commander of the Philippine Coast Guard of Caticlan.

The floating body of the three year old son of Tubunggan was also later recovered. Despite already in the state of decomposition the bodies were positively identified by Tubunggan’s husband.

Meanwhile, in a report sent to Oriental Mindoro PNP Director Sr. Supt. Anthony AlcaƱeses, SPO1 Bienvenido Magadia of the Bansud town police included in its report the body of the man, who was earlier reported as Jonel Montes of Carles, Iloilo, to be one of those already recovered by rescuers.

Upon retrieval by rescuers composed of local fishermen, Coast Guard people and PNP operatives in the sea off Southern Oriental Mindoro, the victims’ bodies were immediately brought to the Bansud’s police station.

Boracay Parish Priests to be replaced

A major change is expected to happen at the Holy Rosary Parish church in Balabag this coming June.

Along with the reshuffling of priests in Aklan and other Provinces, the parish in Boracay is no exception although the island is often considered special.

Boracay's current Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Magloire 'Adlay' Placer is to be transferred to the town of Lezo.

Placer has served the island for eight long years.

While Rev. Fr. Rhenemar Villanueva, though he served the parish for only a little over than a year, will be transferred in Libacao.

In line with this, the formal turnover of the parish will be held on May 19.