Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Philippine Coastguard called for a Public Consultation for Resorts and Diving schools in Boracay

For the safety of Public lives and properties, a public consultation has been called for by the Philippine coastguard for resorts, hotels, and diving schools in Boracay on Tuesday.

According to Caticlan Coastguard Detachment Commander Terrence Alsosa, the said meeting's aim is to remind the hotel, resorts and other establishments in the island about their responsibility as well as to provide them with proper pool guidelines. This is through the proposed memorandum circular of the head quarters of the Philippines Coastguard.

One of the topics in the said guidelines is the establishment's availability of a trained lifeguard who would immediately respond to any untoward incidents relating to pool activities and sea sports operation.

If this proposition be approved this would be immediately implemented in the island.

Meanwhile, the coastguard is anticipating to be preoccupied in rendering trainings to the establishments with the same line of operations.

The public consultation received a positive response from its participants.

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