Thursday, May 24, 2012

TIEZA to Attend the Town Council’s Session on the Drainage System Problem in Boracay

The presence of a high ranking official of the Tourism Infrastructure Zone Authority (TIEZA) is expected by the Town Council of Malay in the next Town Council Session.

The high ranking official is anticipated to answer all the questions related to the Drainage System problem in Boracay.

TIEZA General Manager Mark Lapid has sent a letter to the Town Council to re-schedule his attendance at the session to June 5th. The original date for his attendance at the Council Session upon the invitation of the Town Council was set for May 22nd. Allegedly, Lapid had a commitment on the said date hence was unable to attend.

The aim of the invitation of the Town Council is to ask directly the Manager of TIEZA when the fixing of the long time Drainage System problem of Boracay will be started.

There had been invitations for TIEZA in the past. Representatives where sent who gave limited answers to the Council’s questions especially on when the project would be started. This was due to the reason that the representatives were not in the position to decide.

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