Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cagban and Caticlan Jetty Ports, collected 206 million in 2012

The Cagban and Caticlan Jetty Ports accumulated a staggering 206 million pesos in collections for 2012.

This was learned from Jetty Port Administrator Nieven Maquirang during an interview.

According to him this 206 million is the total amount of collections of the two mentioned ports, from terminal fees, rental of kiosks and the likes inside the port, and RORO operations among others.

This however is the amount without the jetty port’s 2012 operations expenses being deducted.

If it is to be subtracted, minus the shares given to Baranggays Manoc-manoc and Caticlan - where these ports are located – Maquirang is positive that the Province still has an income.

In fact, he said, the Jetty Port has a surplus of more than 175 million pesos.

Friday, January 25, 2013


Members of the Municipal Peace and Order Council (MPOC) need to present a security plan before Intelligence Fund is given.

This was made clear by Malay Administrator, Godofredo Sadiasa at the MPOC meeting at the Malay Town Council session hall.

The security plan is allegedly a basic requirement for the Local Government Unit to know what the fund is meant for.

Agencies required to submit a comprehensive security plan in particular are uniformed agencies like the Boracay Malay Police, Army, Maritime, Coastguard and Airport Police.

Also required for submission are other members who are related to the security of the island such as the Boracay Island Hopping Association.

Submission of a public safety plan is also mandatory for all the Villages of the Municipality of Malay.

The Intelligence Fund, according to Sadiasa, will be given in the soonest possible time after submission and thorough evaluation of the security plan.

Meanwhile, during the first meeting of the MPOC of the year, Malay Mayor, John Yap asked for support from the MPOC members for the security of everyone particularly for the tourists of Boracay Island.

Progress for reclamation project in Caticlan this 2013, possible

Caticlan Jetty Port Administrator Nieven Maquirang believes that the controversial reclamation project of the province will be able to progress this 2013.

This is because at the moment, only a few documents are needed to be submitted by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources or DENR to the Supreme Court, which holds the case, to prove that the project will bring no harm to the environment.

He is also confident that the Supreme Court will lift the Temporary Environmental Protection Order or TEPO that was released against the Provincial Government who is the proponent of the reclamation.

The TEPO was requested by the Boracay Foundation Incorporated (BFI) during which they filed a case against the project.

As a result the embankment and or the filling up of the 2.6 hectare target area were put to a stop.

However on the third quarter of 2012, the BFI converted and expressed their support to the project.

And another plus factor was the endorsement by the Municipal Council of Malay and the Caticlan Baranggay Council.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


If price of water services is the problem in Boracay, water quality and water service are the problems of Mainland Malay.

These problems have apparently been complained about by residents who are connected to the Malay Water District (MWD).

Apparently, aside from the yellowish color of water supply, villages are not well served since water supply is not continuous.

In addition, Villages are also concerned whether the water is safe to drink.

Because of these, the Village Captains of the Mainland decided to bring the matters to the attention of the Town Council through Resolution #7 Series of 2012 of the League of Villages. 

Cagban Jetty Port, on the DENR’s list of illegal structures in Boracay

The Cagban Jetty Port is included on the Department of Environment’s list of illegal structures in the island of Boracay.

Aside from this port in Cagban the three-storey Tourist Life Guard Rescue and Communication Center at the front beach is also in the list of structures set to be demolished by the Boracay National Task Force.

The clearing of the beach line is pursuant to Presidential Declaration or PD 1064 of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) particularly the 25+5 easement.

Also included on the list to be torn down are sea walls and fences set by establishments at the front beach, restaurants, and even resorts situated on the cliffs and or rocky beach area at Sitio Din-iwid , and some houses at Tulubhan, Manoc-manoc.

Some structures at the back beach or Bolabog area are also listed.

This means the front beach is not the only focus, but the entire island of Boracay.     
The DENR had previously said that there is some Government Structure which will be included in the demolition.

The move aims to avoid the impediment of water flow at the beach line and to protect the nature such as the white sand beach and forests.

According to PENRO-Aklan Officer Iven Reyes, the implementation of the said demolition is set to pursue on March.

Buildings and or Structures within the 25+5 easement are considered illegal structures in Boracay.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Slow service, and slow release of public documents in securing a Business Permit at Boracay and Malay are current problems of the Town Council of Malay.

This is allegedly because many requirements are asked from employees by the Departments of the Local Government Unit and the Village of Balabag when a Business Permit is processed. Adding to the problem is the slow service rendered which results to slow release of documents.

According to Town Council Member, Rowen Aguirre, it was the LGU who asked for the requirements, therefore the service rendered should be prompt to avoid wasting the time of employees especially for Boracay employees.

Aguirre had first commented, and it was seconded by all the Town Council Members, on the almost two (2) weeks period that it takes before a Village Clearance is given because of the many requirements asked for.  The many requirements asked for, allegedly, do not have basis.

Complicating matters, according to Aguirre, are the requirements in securing a Health Certificate of employees.

Aguirre added the employees and employers went to the Departments of the Local Government Unit and the Village of Balabag in order to pay their obligation or taxes, yet they are made to undergo difficulties, and sometimes unpleasant experience.

The Town Council suggested it is about time to revise or look into the requirements asked for by the LGU of Malay in renewing Business Permit, and revisions could be implemented if not this year, in the next years.

Meanwhile, because of the slow process underwent by employees just in completing requirements so employers could renew their Business Permit, the Town Council plans to extend the deadline for the renewal of Business Permit.  Instead of January 21, the plan is to extend the deadline to February 20, 2013.

TRO to hinder BIWC’s water charges increase, considered

A Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) can only stop the increase of water services charges by the Boracay Island Water Company or BIWC.

For this reason the members of the Municipal Council of Malay plans to request for a TRO from the court to hinder the company’s implementation of the mentioned increase.

Based on the statement by a council member during a Privilege Speech on yesterday’s SB Session, this is the only option they can see in order to protect the interest of consumers.

The doubt on the process by the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), which is also the regulatory body of BIWC, on its approval of the new tariff of the company was said to be the pushing edge of the council to seek for a TRO.

In line with this, before carrying out the plan, the SB opts to consult the matter to a lawyer for the legality of the proposal.

The BIWC has previously announced that by next month they will start to implement the new tariff approved by TIEZA.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The proceeds from the 2013 Kalibo Ati-atihan Festival will be made public sooner than agreed upon.

This was the promise of the Chairman of the Kalibo Sto. Niño Ati-atihan Foundation Incorporated (KASAFI).

According to Albert Meñez, instead of making it known to the public after six (6) months, as agreed upon with the Local Government Unit of Kalibo (LGU-Kalibo), the Financial Report of the 2013 KaliboAti-atihan Festival, will be made public within six (6) days or any day within the week.

The 2012 Ati-atihan Festival earned P3.194Million, almost seventy five percent (75%) higher than the P1.835Million the Festival earned in 2011.

The income in 2012 according to Meñez was used in organizing the 2013 Ati-atihan Festival.

Included in the expenses were the prizes for the festival and subsidies for the tribes, the beautification of the town of Kalibo, suport for the candidate of Aklan at the “Binibining Pilipinas” or “Miss Philippines” and other expenses.

This will be the final year for KASAFI to manage the festival since it only has a three (3) year contract with the LGU of Kalibo.

Nevertheless, Meñez said that if KASAFI will not be managing the 2014 Ati-atihan Festival, especially if there will be a new administration, he expressed confidence that the Festival will continue to held in an organized and joyful manner.

Sin Tax Bill, do not weigh much in Boracay said DOT

The country’s newly implemented law on cigarettes and liquors or the Sin Tax bill does not affect Boracay that much.

This is what the Department of Tourism believes, according to DOT Officer in Charge Tim Ticar.

He said that this new law won’t affect the tourism industry on the island particularly those foreign tourists who are smokers and are fond of going out and or clubbing.

He explained that if these “sin products’” price increases for a few pesos, this won’t be much for the tourists on the island because it costs so much more in their country compared to ours.

That is why, Ticar added, there is no need to worry about the effects of the Sin Tax Bill to the tourism industry in Boracay, since some additional peso doesn't seem to be of a bother to the tourists.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Thirty one (31) tribes participated at the Kalibo Ati-atihan Competition this year, and there were four (4) categories in the Competition.

The tribe “Black Beauty Boys” is the Champion on the Tribal Big Category of the 2013 Kalibo Ati-atihan Festival winning P150, 000. This is the third consecutive year that “Black Beauty Boys” had won in the Category.  “Kabog Tribe” won 2nd Place with a cash prize of P80, 000, and “Bukid Tigayon” Tribe won 3rd Place with P50, 000 prize money. The non winning tribes in the Tribal Big category, took home P10, 000 each.

For the Balik Ati Category, “Lilo-anong Ati and Datu Marikudo" won with a cash prize of P50, 000. Second prize went to “Ilayanhon Tribe” with P25, 000, and 3rd Prize went to “Isalacan Tribe” with P15, 000. The non winning tribes in the Balik Ati Category went home with a consolation prize of P5, 000 each.

In the Modern Category, the tribe “Scoprion 11-19” won 1st Prize with P50, 000, “Aeang-aeang Tribe” won 2nd Prize with P25, 000, and “Pilgrimage Tribe” won 3rd Prize with P15, 000, and P5, 000 consolation prize went to each non winning tribe.

For the Tribal Small Category, 1st Place went to “Alibang-bang Tribe” taking home a cash prize of P60, 000. Taking 2nd Prize was “Tribu Lezo” with P40, 000 cash prize, and “Niño Litos Tribe” took 3rd Prize with P30, 000 in cash. The consolation prize for the Tribal Small Category was P8, 000 for each non winning tribe.

Positive comments and praises for their costumes were received by participating tribes in this year’s Kalibo Ati-atihan.

In addition, the parade on Saturday and Sunday were well organized, and as a result the judging of the Competition on Saturday went well for spectators especially for the judges.

Due to water charges increase, spiking up of Resort Rates in Boracay, possible

If there will be an increase in the rates of hotels and or resorts in Boracay, this will just be minimal.

This is the Department of Tourism or DOT-Boracay’s view in relation to the anticipated increase on the tariff or the water services charges which will be implemented by the Boracay Island Water Company (BIWC).

According to DOT-Boracay Officer in Charge, Tim Ticar, in business it is given that if there is a rise in costs on the basic necessities of an establishment, this will also be added on the rates offered to the costumers.

That is why the increase of hotel and resort rates is also expected to follow.

However, this will just be minimal and will not be heavy for the tourists.

Also basing on what the OIC knows, the water charge increase by the BIWC won’t be that costly.

This matter has previously caused worry to the stakeholders, knowing that their businesses will be affected, as well as the community.

More so, that the BIWC had confirmed that their new tariff has been approved.