Monday, January 21, 2013


Thirty one (31) tribes participated at the Kalibo Ati-atihan Competition this year, and there were four (4) categories in the Competition.

The tribe “Black Beauty Boys” is the Champion on the Tribal Big Category of the 2013 Kalibo Ati-atihan Festival winning P150, 000. This is the third consecutive year that “Black Beauty Boys” had won in the Category.  “Kabog Tribe” won 2nd Place with a cash prize of P80, 000, and “Bukid Tigayon” Tribe won 3rd Place with P50, 000 prize money. The non winning tribes in the Tribal Big category, took home P10, 000 each.

For the Balik Ati Category, “Lilo-anong Ati and Datu Marikudo" won with a cash prize of P50, 000. Second prize went to “Ilayanhon Tribe” with P25, 000, and 3rd Prize went to “Isalacan Tribe” with P15, 000. The non winning tribes in the Balik Ati Category went home with a consolation prize of P5, 000 each.

In the Modern Category, the tribe “Scoprion 11-19” won 1st Prize with P50, 000, “Aeang-aeang Tribe” won 2nd Prize with P25, 000, and “Pilgrimage Tribe” won 3rd Prize with P15, 000, and P5, 000 consolation prize went to each non winning tribe.

For the Tribal Small Category, 1st Place went to “Alibang-bang Tribe” taking home a cash prize of P60, 000. Taking 2nd Prize was “Tribu Lezo” with P40, 000 cash prize, and “Niño Litos Tribe” took 3rd Prize with P30, 000 in cash. The consolation prize for the Tribal Small Category was P8, 000 for each non winning tribe.

Positive comments and praises for their costumes were received by participating tribes in this year’s Kalibo Ati-atihan.

In addition, the parade on Saturday and Sunday were well organized, and as a result the judging of the Competition on Saturday went well for spectators especially for the judges.

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