Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Slow service, and slow release of public documents in securing a Business Permit at Boracay and Malay are current problems of the Town Council of Malay.

This is allegedly because many requirements are asked from employees by the Departments of the Local Government Unit and the Village of Balabag when a Business Permit is processed. Adding to the problem is the slow service rendered which results to slow release of documents.

According to Town Council Member, Rowen Aguirre, it was the LGU who asked for the requirements, therefore the service rendered should be prompt to avoid wasting the time of employees especially for Boracay employees.

Aguirre had first commented, and it was seconded by all the Town Council Members, on the almost two (2) weeks period that it takes before a Village Clearance is given because of the many requirements asked for.  The many requirements asked for, allegedly, do not have basis.

Complicating matters, according to Aguirre, are the requirements in securing a Health Certificate of employees.

Aguirre added the employees and employers went to the Departments of the Local Government Unit and the Village of Balabag in order to pay their obligation or taxes, yet they are made to undergo difficulties, and sometimes unpleasant experience.

The Town Council suggested it is about time to revise or look into the requirements asked for by the LGU of Malay in renewing Business Permit, and revisions could be implemented if not this year, in the next years.

Meanwhile, because of the slow process underwent by employees just in completing requirements so employers could renew their Business Permit, the Town Council plans to extend the deadline for the renewal of Business Permit.  Instead of January 21, the plan is to extend the deadline to February 20, 2013.

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