i breathe music..


hey hey hey December!! 

Advance Merry Christmas Easy Rockers!!

From our EZ family to yours...

God Bless!


Enjoy the summer season with 93.5 Easy Rock!!

and yes we are on the island known to be one of the world's best summer destination. ^^

who says we can't lay back while soaking under the sun??

lite rock with us!!


We are feeling a Rose Red Valentine.. 
Easy Rockers spread the lurrrv...
and yes, singles! were included!! :P

..for we help to define love.. and the ability of people to hang on to  their "loves"  despite the threat of our availability.. 

(rationalization) ha.ha. ^^

 but of course we have the kind of heart who can be happy for them.. 
  (defense @_@ )

happy Hearts' month!  ^^


2013 let us love each other..^^

2012 thank you..^^


Welcome to the Easy Rock blog-site.
I hope you will enjoy our music, and I hope you'll be making us a part of your everyday.. don't worry we wont bother you that much, well just simply stay in your background, to keep you company, but if you feel like belting out and sing along with us, then please do.
You'll feel better after..^^

                                               Feel good with us.




Howdy folks!!

well..let's see.
October, it seems, is a month for change for 93.5. Nothing major though. Major sounds scary. Major might mean, playlist that is beyond the
But! Easy Rockers... fear not. Its not going to happen. We will still serve you the same ''brand''

What really happened is we've got a little bit of change on programming.
Meaning, from now on:
Mondays is going to be the ''Remember Someone Today'' program.
Fridays remains the all time favorite ''Friday Classics,''
and still the ''Sunday Difference'' for Sundays.
(of course!! you say. Well, i was going to say the 7th, but that issue has never been settled and I don't want to draw any violent reactions so..there.)
And for other remaining days, we will still have the All Day Easy and Lite All Night programs

And! we've got  our selves some new Elements -which is a word used by radio people which could also mean ''jingles'' in laymen's term. (FYI. Just in case you're interested. Still kickin' it off with my did-you-know-topics am I? hehe) In simple words though, you'll hear something new.

I know some people have learned to love Easy Rock's jingles, and eventually got used to it, sang along with it, and may find the new ones a bit strange at first,, yes at first, first times are usually strange, but its change, and change is good, and we, like many of you, is open for it. Change is a learning process -which is never ending. Some may be loving it already!^^

We love you and so we are learning, and are finding ways to deliver the best of the best of Lite Rock.
I really do hope that you will love it too and will enjoy our music better. And that is our goal.

xoxoxo - - Alexa

If change is a female, i think her name will be Constance.. ^^

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