Saturday, April 7, 2012

Howdy Easyrockers!! 

It's summer and it's wonderful.

Well, April, some say is the acme of the summer, and I think with the weather and the feel we are into right now, we couldn't agree more. In fact there are days when we felt so sweltered, we can't help but complain. Yes! We do love to complain; maybe because it’s the first thing that suggests we are actually doing something about it. 

But in the midst of that complaining is a subconscious excitement. Or not, because most of us are obviously optimistic about this time of the year. And.. It has, say, little to do with the temperature. (Come on guys, let’s accept the fact that if we could just avoid being sun kissed, we would)

We are so looking forward to it because, of the reason that I think (and you probably do too) would be first on the list. 

The Summer vacation indulgence.

A lot of us have been preparing for it. Where to go, who to go with, what to wear and some may have visited the gym to enhance their figure that would be most favorable for the season. The target? The Beach! And luckily we are on the renowned Island resort in the Philippines. Man, Easy Rock is in Boracay. 

However, let us not forget that this is also the time and an opportunity to reflect and commemorate the Best thing that has ever happened to mankind. The gift of Salvation, through Jesus Christ. If we remember this in our hearts, I believe we are going to have an understanding of, and experience true happiness.

Back at work and in school we always could determine what and how to do the right things in the right time, how much more for the Creator to whom there is no wrong timing.

So, let’s all have fun and be happy, which is the essence of our very presence, let’s just be aware however of how to do so.

And while we do this, Easy Rock will still be in your backgrounds to remind you that we are with you, and we are one for the good.

In behalf of my Easy Rock family we pray that we will all have a Happy and Safe Summer, and a Blessed Holy week.