Saturday, December 8, 2012

Security at Caticlan and Cagban Jetty Ports, to be tightened

The security at the Caticlan and Cagban jetty ports will become more rigid.

This is simultaneous with the holiday season setting in, where there will be an influx of tourists in the island.

In an interview with Jetty Port Chief Security, Alex Valero, he said they just recently added more guards for their daily and or 24 hour operations.

This is to ensure the security of the tourists, and their belongings, that are going in and out of the island.

Valero also noted the significance and the assistance given by the CCTV-cameras they have installed in and around the port areas.

This is because they have seized more ill-intentioned individuals, as many of them has been caught on camera, and the video rewinds helped in identifying people.

Currently, there are 76 security personnel deployed at Cagban and Caticlan jetty ports.

Aside from being the watch-outs, these guards are also the ones who are assisting the tourists particularly if the line in the passenger terminal is packed.

Friday, December 7, 2012

305 million, not enough for Malay’s 2013 budget

The 305 million peso fund for 2013 is short for the Local Government of Malay; therefore it was increased to 310 million.

This is after finding out in a budget hearing that the first proposed fund will not be enough as the LGU still needs to spend for the Environmental Programs and Municipal Economic Enterprise Development (MEED).

If recalled the mentioned departments had a huge contribution to the LGU’s collections, as some of its facilities under MEED has gained, particularly from the environmental fees in Cagban and Caticlan jetty ports.

This also followed after the council conducted a review before the approval and submission of the proposed funds and allocations of Malay for 2013 to the SB.

Therefore they studied this closely, in fact the Department heads themselves has personally been called for the budget hearing for them to explain and present their programs.

Last week, the municipal fund for 2013 has already been presented to the Municipal Council.

However they have found that the fund will not be enough and so the additional 5 million followed which will make the LGU’s fund for 2013, 310 million pesos.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


The Public Consultation scheduled by TIEZA on Monday, December 10 will be impassioned according to Vice Mayor Ceciron Cawaling.

The said event will be held in connection to the planned increase in tariff in water and waste water management of the Boracay Island Water Company (BIWC).

According to the Vice Mayor, many BIWC clients will give their reactions or complaints on the planned high increase.

Cawaling explained that the thirty five to fifty percent (35 to 50%) increase is too heavy on the pocket and he himself allegedly was unhappy with the increase.

He added that aside from affecting local residents of Boracay, the planned increase will have a huge effect on businesses of investors in the island.

Because of this, Cawaling instructed the Secretary of the Town Council to hasten the writing of a position letter containing the Council’s disapproval on the planned increase in fee. The content of the position letter was planned to be presented on the scheduled Public Consultation by TIEZA on Thursday, December 6 but was moved to Monday, December 10.

Meanwhile, in relation to the planned fee increase, the Councilman Welbic Gelito proposed that the Council should look into the contract of agreement between TIEZA and the BIWC.

Councilmen Cawaling and Gelito expressed their views in the Regular Session of the Town Council on Tuesday, December 4.

Boracay, ready for RS: One Wind Surfing World Championship

The preparation for the RS: One Wind Surfing World Championship to be held in Boracay is almost completed.

According to event coordinator, international windsurfing champion, and Boracaynon  Nenette Graf, although some things still needs to be done, she is certain that the event which will be held on December 10-15, 2012 will be a success.

Graf is confident that with the help of the local government of Malay and other sponsors, the location will be safe for the wind surfing delegates from 15 other countries.

The Philippine Coast Guard and other authorities will be on the watch during the race, especially that the event will be accommodating some span of the swimming area in station 2.

Graf added that most of the delegates are ages 16-21 and will be competing with a hope to get to the Olympics.

Boracay has two representatives namely Gloria Flores and Sonny Gelito.

The RS: One Wind Surfing World Championship will be held in Boracay as the Philippine Sports Commission accepted the challenge for the Philippines to be the venue and the island was chosen to be the place for the event.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


The “Philippine National Police Medal of Efficiency” was awarded to the Boracay Tourist Assistance Center (BTAC) and Aklan Provincial Intelligence Branch Operations (PIBO) on Monday, December 3.

The award, handed over by the Western Visayas Regional Police Director, Agrimero Cruz was personally received by P/S Inspector Joeffer Cabural, the Chief of BTAC.

Together with officials of the BTAC and PIBO, the award was given at the PNP Regional Office in Iloilo, in recognition of the excellent service of the two forces.

BTAC and PIBO joined forces in an operation which led to the capture of the group of Jovie Deloquines of Villa Arevalo, Iloilo at Tambisaan, Manoc-Manoc and the seizing of more than sixty (60) sachets of shabu and a hand gun found in Deloquines  group’s possession.

Boracay Beach is safe for swimming as of today

Despite the storm signal number 1 that has been raised for Aklan due to typhoon Pablo, swimming on the white beach of Boracay is still safe.

This is what Life Guard Supervisor Miguel “Mike” Labatiao has said during an interview this morning.

He said the waves in the front beach are not that rough, therefore swimming is still safe.
However, the life guards are still monitoring at the beach line to watch over and observe the situation, and to give warnings to swimming tourists.

He added that they could not prohibit swimming at the front beach right away.

Nonetheless, he said, at the moment, they are not allowing swimmers to go deeper or further than 20-50 meters from the beach line for their safety.

Meanwhile, Baranggay Officials, Tanods and Malay Auxiliary Police or MAP has been assigned to watch over and ensure the safety of swimmers at Puka Beach in Yapak.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Passenger boat trips resumed at 5:45 in the morning Tuesday, December 4.

The resumption came after passenger boat trips were suspended at 5:30 Monday afternoon, December 3. The suspension was announced when storm signal number 1 was raised at the province of Aklan including the island of Boracay.

In a phone interview on Tuesday morning, December 4, Lt. Cmdr. Terence Alsosa, Station Commander of the PCG Caticlan, explained that despite the storm signal being at number 1, passenger boat trips have resumed since it was observed that the weather was still fare and the sea waves were not strong.

However, if the storm signal is raised to signal number 2, even when the weather is still the same, passenger boat trips will be suspended anytime today.

In the meantime, sea sporting activities are still suspended, this includes island hopping and diving.

Nevertheless, swimming at sea is not prohibited since Alsosa is confident that there are lifeguards patrolling the beach and that if the weather worsens, swimmers will be cautioned.

Alsosa added that there is no ordinance which prohibits swimming at sea during a storm.  However, he explained in a phone interview at around 1pm, Tuesday that when people are in danger by swimming during a storm, necessary action will be taken by the Philippine Coast Guard.

Alsosa also appealed in the recent interview to coastal villages, and small fishermen to wait for Typhoon “Pablo” to leave before venturing to sea for safety reasons.

Meanwhile, in a latest development, the Management of Caticlan Jetty Port announced that passenger boat trips will be suspended at 5PM today, December 4, this was confirmed by the Philippine Coast Guard of Caticlan.

Schools in Malay and Boracay, watchful with weather condition

The schools in Malay and Boracay are now watchful to ensure the safety of its students and pupils.

This is after PAGASA raised a storm signal number 1 on Aklan due to typhoon “Pablo.”

According to the office of DepEd-Malay, if the storm signal will be raised to 2, they will be implementing the DepEd order which states the automatic cancelation of classes if the storm warning reaches signal no. 2.

Aside from the weather condition, the teachers are also taking into consideration the situation of the area if it could be risky for the students, another reason for them to cancel classes.

However, DepEd Malay clarified that classes in the whole municipality including the island of Boracay is still ongoing.

It was also learned that the head of Balabag Elementary School also said that if the weather will get any worse, they could possibly cancel the classes at any time.

For the time being, the teachers are monitoring the radio and televisions to get updates of the weather conditions where they will be basing the cancelation of classes.


The World AIDS Day was commemorated in Boracay and Malay on Saturday, December 1st.

Fliers were given away and an orientation was scheduled by the Municipal Health Office (MHO) to prevent the spread of Human Immuno Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS).

Aside from this, the MHO was also scheduled to go around Boracay to pin red ribbons for the commemoration which had the theme “Getting to Zero: Zero new HIV Infections. Zero Discrimination. Zero AIDS-related deaths.”

In addition, according to Marlo Shoenenberger, the Red Cross Administrator of the Malay-Boracay Chapter, the Red Cross together with Boracay Foundation was planned to conduct a Clean Up Drive at Bolabog on Saturday.

Shoenenberger added that in commemoration of the World AIDS Day, a Blood Letting Activity will be held at Balabag by the Red Cross and the Local Government of Malay on December 5.

He explained that the activity will be in connection to the prevention of spread of HIV/AIDS since in every donated blood, a free examination is included for the donor. The free examination is to make sure the donor is not infected with the disease.