Thursday, December 6, 2012


The Public Consultation scheduled by TIEZA on Monday, December 10 will be impassioned according to Vice Mayor Ceciron Cawaling.

The said event will be held in connection to the planned increase in tariff in water and waste water management of the Boracay Island Water Company (BIWC).

According to the Vice Mayor, many BIWC clients will give their reactions or complaints on the planned high increase.

Cawaling explained that the thirty five to fifty percent (35 to 50%) increase is too heavy on the pocket and he himself allegedly was unhappy with the increase.

He added that aside from affecting local residents of Boracay, the planned increase will have a huge effect on businesses of investors in the island.

Because of this, Cawaling instructed the Secretary of the Town Council to hasten the writing of a position letter containing the Council’s disapproval on the planned increase in fee. The content of the position letter was planned to be presented on the scheduled Public Consultation by TIEZA on Thursday, December 6 but was moved to Monday, December 10.

Meanwhile, in relation to the planned fee increase, the Councilman Welbic Gelito proposed that the Council should look into the contract of agreement between TIEZA and the BIWC.

Councilmen Cawaling and Gelito expressed their views in the Regular Session of the Town Council on Tuesday, December 4.

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