Saturday, December 8, 2012

Security at Caticlan and Cagban Jetty Ports, to be tightened

The security at the Caticlan and Cagban jetty ports will become more rigid.

This is simultaneous with the holiday season setting in, where there will be an influx of tourists in the island.

In an interview with Jetty Port Chief Security, Alex Valero, he said they just recently added more guards for their daily and or 24 hour operations.

This is to ensure the security of the tourists, and their belongings, that are going in and out of the island.

Valero also noted the significance and the assistance given by the CCTV-cameras they have installed in and around the port areas.

This is because they have seized more ill-intentioned individuals, as many of them has been caught on camera, and the video rewinds helped in identifying people.

Currently, there are 76 security personnel deployed at Cagban and Caticlan jetty ports.

Aside from being the watch-outs, these guards are also the ones who are assisting the tourists particularly if the line in the passenger terminal is packed.

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