Saturday, September 8, 2012

Although flooded, classes at Boracay National High School, not affected: Principal

Despite being flooded with water from the lake, drainage, and rain, the classes at Boracay National High School in Balabag are not affected.

This is what School Principal, Almarie Vallejo had said during an interview last Thursday.

Vallejo also said that their classes is on a ‘shifting’ and they have enough classrooms for the students.

Aside from the water surrounding the school, they have no other problems as the Local Government of Malay is there to assist them.

With regards to flooding, the Boracay Island Water Company (BIWC) is also helping them by suctioning the flood water.

The Principal clarified that they have been experiencing this problem for quite a long time and this is because of the school’s location, which is a low area.

This present dilemma is being aggravated with drainage problems, thus the flooding of the school grounds.

Friday, September 7, 2012

New Chief of Boracay PNP Makes Efforts to Be Acquainted with Malay and Boracay

The new Chief of the Boracay PNP Station, Police Senior Inspector Joeffrel Cabural has made efforts to get acquainted to the town of Malay and Boracay.

In an interview with Cabural by the Yes FM, he said as courtesy he first visited the Town Council of Malay on Tuesday, September 04 where he introduced himself to the members of the Council.

Aside from the Town Council of Malay, according to Cabural, he also met with Boracay Foundation Incorporated, the Department of Tourism Boracay, the church and the three village Captains of Boracay.

The Muslim Community is allegedly also set to be visited by the new Chief of Boracay PNP Station in the next coming days.

In addition, Cabural assured a 24/7 police visibility in the island especially that the Philippine National Police is observing the Crime Prevention Week.

It can be recalled that Police Senior Inspector Cabural arrived in the island as the new Chief of Boracay PNP Station replacing Senior Inspector Al Loren Bigay.

Boracay Island gets in line with the Party Beaches in the world

The Island of Boracay is making another name on the “Top 10 Party Beaches around the World.”

The survey conducted by an online travel advisor, and is now published at Huffington Internet Newspaper revealed that Boracay comes second on the online survey and is contesting with Psarou Beach of Mykonos Island in Greece which is now 1st on the ranking.

The said survey lets the readers of the mentioned newspaper to rate or vote among the list of beaches in the world that is fitting to have the title “Best Party Beaches around the World.”
Five-star is 
the highest score that can be given, which is, at this time, only acquired by Psarou Beach of Greece and the Island of Boracay.

Acquiring 4 stars are as follows:

On 3rd place is the Zrce Beach in Croatia, 4th- Palolem Island, India, 5th-Ibiza, Spain, 6th-Haad Rin Beach of Koh Phangan, Thailand, 7th-Nissi Beach Cyprus, 8th-South Beach in Miami, USA, 9th-Gordon Beach in Israel.

On the tenth place with 3 stars is the Kuta Beach in Bali Indonesia

This ranking is based on the survey’s latest result and is expected to change until the poll ends.

Meanwhile Boracay being on the 2nd place and which is now lively as ever even at night is seen to be the next Ibiza.

But the island’s white sand beach is one of its assets that make it stand out.

Ibiza which is long known as the World’s beach party place is now only on the 5th place

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Chinese Store Burglarized at Balabag, Boracay Island

A store owner hurriedly went to her store after receiving bad news from her sales ladies.

Located at the Main Road Balabag, the store owned by Cai Kayun, a Chinese national, was burglarized.

According to some of Cayun’s sales ladies, when they opened the store at past eight in the morning, Wednesday, September 05, some of the gadgets being sold by the store were already scattered.

From the door of the store, it could be noticed that a portion of the ceiling was slightly opened.

Based on the initial investigation by the SOCO and Boracay PNP, it was possible that the partly opened portion of the ceiling was used as an access by the suspects who were thought to be of minor age.

Some cell phones were also left at the second floor of the building where the store is located. Authorities believed that the suspects must have chosen which items to take. The building is still under construction.

Because of the incident, the store owner made assurance that a CCTV would be installed, especially that no one stays at the store at night and there is no security guard.

The amount of stolen gadgets was still being determined as of press time Wednesday.

Boracay, a huge challenge for new BTAC chief

Like any other chief of staff who have served the Boracay Police, it also a huge challenge for the new BTAC head, Police Senior Inspector Joeffer Cabural to be assigned here.

Nonetheless, Cabural is still determined to implement the police mandate on the island.

During an interview Cabural called unto the Boracaynons and stakeholders to support the Boracay police in suppressing crime believing that the community can be of great help.

Meanwhile as a reaction to Vice Mayor Ceciron Cawaling’s advice to give attention to the ‘ladyboy’ dilemma, wherein these ladyboys would actually chase after tourists at the front beach on the wee hours of the morning for the sake of having a customer, the new chief said that there will be no discrimination that will occur if they will ever conduct an operation regarding this issue.

Furthermore he said, that if caught appearing to be a stalker to the tourists, then they must be held to answer.

On the other hand, when asked on the topic about his stay as BTAC chief, given that those who were previously on the position did not stay long and was relieved, he said that he could not answer this at this moment.

All he knows, he added is to carry out what has been mandated on the security, peace and order of Boracay.
Cabural was appointed as BTAC chief effective 29th of August 2012.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

On Oil Leaks, and Roll-On-Roll-Off

It was admitted that oil mixing with sea water at the Caticlan Jetty Port could not really be avoided since oil leaks from ships and boats.

This was admitted by Caticlan Jetty Port Administrator Nieven Maquirang. He went on to say that such was the reason why the operation of Roll-On-Roll-Off (RORO) at the jetty port is now regulated.

Maquirang added that at present the Administration prefers its operation to be for tourism thus they are allegedly convincing bigger passenger ships to dock at the port instead of RORO. This is to limit the number of ships docking there.

Nevertheless, the Administrator said that it would not be easy to take away the operation of RORO at Caticlan. He clarified that the RORO has a big contribution to business in Boracay especially in the transportation of products.

The announcement from Maquirang came after the reported dispersion of un-refined oil at the coast of Boracay, which was believed in the beginning to have possibly originated from ships that pass.

Waste plastic to oil technology, too costly for SB Malay

The Town Council of Malay is almost convinced of the new technology presented by the group of Dante Diamante of BLEST Summit Mechanical Industry to resolve the problem with waste plastics in Boracay.

This followed after Diamante introduced a certain technology which he said is Japan made, which could be the solution of the mentioned problem, as plastics would no longer be considered trash after it undergoes a number of process using their presented machinery.

The said technology can convert plastic to oil which in turn can be used to run the equipment.

Aside from this, the oil produced through the process can also be used in vehicles.

Moreover the machinery’s refinery automatically separates gasoline from diesel and kerosene therefore can be used in any other machines.

However the town council finds it very expensive as the technology costs Php 142, 000,000 per set.

In line with this, although the councilmen are interested, the local government of Malay has no available fund for this, they are however hoping that in the future or even in the next three years the LGU will be able to acquire it, as this will be a solution to the waste plastic dilemma especially in the island of Boracay.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

There is A New Chief for Boracay Philippine National Police

The Boracay Philippine National Police Station has a new Chief.
The new Chief is Police Senior Inspector Joeffer E. Cabural who arrived in the island on Friday, August 31st.
The arrival of the new Chief was confirmed by Police Senior Inspector Al Loren Bigay, the former Boracay Tourist Assistance Center Chief. In an interview Friday afternoon, Bigay said that he did not know his replacement the reason which seemed to put Bigay uncomfortable to give details regarding Cabural.
Bigay mentioned that he would continue his schooling despite being disappointed after he received his relieve order. It was learned that Bigay was given the mandate on the 29th of August from the Aklan Provincial Police Office (APPO). The date happened to be Bigay’s birthday.
Bigay, however, said that there was nothing he could do but to accept the directive, which could serve as a new challenge on dealing, and new policy for the Police of the Boracay PNP Station.
Meanwhile, Bigay extended his gratitude to the Local Government of Malay, stakeholders, and those who supported the program of the PNP Boracay during his a little more than 3 months tenure as the Chief.

Bar Enclosure in Boracay, now on the 2nd Notice

Four of seven bars in Boracay are still not complying with the bar enclosure implemented by the local government of Malay.

This is what Island Administrator Glenn Sacapano had revealed during an interview last Sunday.

According to him they had recently sent a second notice to these bars.

The ordinance states that if reaches up to the third notice, they will automatically make a recommendation for the complete closure of the incompliant establishments.

While the LGU is targeting disco bars in order to lessen the noise pollution brought about by the said establishments, the enclosure does not include the bars in hotels and resorts.

The latter however should also observe the limitation of their sounds.

When it comes to bands and or acoustic acts playing at the vegetation area, they too are not covered by the ordinance, Sacapano said, but they are only allowed to operate until 12 midnight.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Problems at BNHS - No Shortage of Assistance from the LGU of Malay, Dep. Ed Bearing a Grudge? LGU of Malay to Re-appeal -- Town Councilman of Malay

There was no shortage of assistance from the Local Government Unit of Malay if assistance is the topic for discussion for Boracay National High School (BNHS).

This is according to Town Council Member Essel Flores, Chairman of Education, in an interview concerning the problems of BNHS adding that everything that could be done has been done.

One of these problems is that when it rains, classes are cancelled since the school gets flooded, and the other problem is the lack of classrooms.

Flores revealed that all the plans by the LGU of Malay have been submitted to the Department of Education (Dep. Ed) also to the National Government yet there have been no results.

The Chairman revealed that a large amount of fund was set by the LGU of Malay for education. He added that the fund goes to the salary of forty (40) teachers of the school, which he said could have been a huge help if the National Government shouldered this and the money spent by Malay for the salary would go to the building of classrooms.

Flores also said the LGU of Malay thought of temporary solutions about the flooding problem at the school like the filling of the surroundings of the school and the purchase of motor pump but these solutions were deemed insufficient.

Flores expressed doubts on why the assistance for BNHS, if there was any, has been stalled. He wondered if the Dep. Ed has a grudge since Dep. Ed’s planned HOSTEL at the school did not push through after the Town Council, the village, and some parents of students questioned why the project would be prioritized if classrooms were still lacking at the school.

As a result, Flores said that he thought of re-sending a resolution to appeal to the National Government about the problems of BNHS.

May 18, aimed to be declared as a Day of Clean-up in Boracay

Malay Mayor John Yap wishes to declare the 18th of May to be an official day of clean-up in Boracay.

In line with this the mayor asks the Town of Council of Malay to pass an ordinance regarding this.

The chief executive also targets to pass the said ordinance to the Senate so that the move will not only be taken by Malay and Boracay but for others to also take part in carrying out this goal if granted

This is intended to be discussed further on the following sessions of the council.

According to Malay SB Secretary Concordia Alcantara, the chosen schedule is on the peak season in order to convey to the many that Boracay’s environment must be protected and to cooperate and unite in giving concern for the island.