Tuesday, September 4, 2012

There is A New Chief for Boracay Philippine National Police

The Boracay Philippine National Police Station has a new Chief.
The new Chief is Police Senior Inspector Joeffer E. Cabural who arrived in the island on Friday, August 31st.
The arrival of the new Chief was confirmed by Police Senior Inspector Al Loren Bigay, the former Boracay Tourist Assistance Center Chief. In an interview Friday afternoon, Bigay said that he did not know his replacement the reason which seemed to put Bigay uncomfortable to give details regarding Cabural.
Bigay mentioned that he would continue his schooling despite being disappointed after he received his relieve order. It was learned that Bigay was given the mandate on the 29th of August from the Aklan Provincial Police Office (APPO). The date happened to be Bigay’s birthday.
Bigay, however, said that there was nothing he could do but to accept the directive, which could serve as a new challenge on dealing, and new policy for the Police of the Boracay PNP Station.
Meanwhile, Bigay extended his gratitude to the Local Government of Malay, stakeholders, and those who supported the program of the PNP Boracay during his a little more than 3 months tenure as the Chief.

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Congratulations. Keep Boracay safe.