Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Chinese Store Burglarized at Balabag, Boracay Island

A store owner hurriedly went to her store after receiving bad news from her sales ladies.

Located at the Main Road Balabag, the store owned by Cai Kayun, a Chinese national, was burglarized.

According to some of Cayun’s sales ladies, when they opened the store at past eight in the morning, Wednesday, September 05, some of the gadgets being sold by the store were already scattered.

From the door of the store, it could be noticed that a portion of the ceiling was slightly opened.

Based on the initial investigation by the SOCO and Boracay PNP, it was possible that the partly opened portion of the ceiling was used as an access by the suspects who were thought to be of minor age.

Some cell phones were also left at the second floor of the building where the store is located. Authorities believed that the suspects must have chosen which items to take. The building is still under construction.

Because of the incident, the store owner made assurance that a CCTV would be installed, especially that no one stays at the store at night and there is no security guard.

The amount of stolen gadgets was still being determined as of press time Wednesday.

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